Friday, 20 July 2018

Zy Phyto - A Market Leader And End To End Solutions Provider For Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

So, what exactly is Zy Phyto? To be honest, there was once a time when I too had no clue. The name certainly sounds familiar and I'm used to hearing it every now and then. It never actually spark any interest at first but eventually, the inquisitive side of me took over and I decided to find out more about Zy Phyto.

Zy Phyto is a company that produces Health and Beauty products and has been around since 2007 and have been officially registered as of 2011. Aside from being a manufacturer, Zy Phyto also provided a range of services for young aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to manufacture and produce their own line of products. Sounds too good to be true, but Zy Phyto is not a scam in any way. They also have numerous other branches in which they are cover quite a vast range of services and products.

Zy Phyto isn't a name that just appeared out of thin air, looking back at their past I found that they started from very humble beginnings with an extremely small budget of 3000.00 MYR. Thats absolutly right! 3000 Ringgit only. Sounds really impossible if you as me. Nonetheless, Zy Phyto today serves as an example that nothing is impossible if you persevere. Zy Phyto's nett worth today is approximately valued at over 30 million. Truly Amazing.

Zy Phyto is currently being lead by Mr. Zaidi Yusoff who is the CEO of Zy Phyto and Ms. Sharifah Ameelia Akma Mohd Ramly who has been appointed as the Executive Director of Zy Phyto Industries Sdn. Bhd.

Mr. Zaidi Yusoff is of course known for conceiving the biggest Multi-Industrial Health and Beauty company in Malaysia, Zy Phyto Group of Companies. Sharifah Ameelia on the other hand, has turned many heads in the past by being appointed the the Director of Human Resource at Hyatt Hotel International and Hyatt International Group prior to joining Zy Phyto.

By now, many of you are already wondering what I meant by a Multi-Industrial Company right? Well, Zy Phyto Group of Companies consists of ZY Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, ZY Phyto Cosmetic Sdn Bhd, ZY Phyto Herbal Science Sdn Bhd, ZY Academy Sdn Bhd, ZY Printpack Sdn Bhd, ZY Phyto Marketing Sdn Bhd, ZY Phyto East Coast Sdn Bhd, Yayasan Qaseh ZY Phyto and Emily's Cattery. Quite a handful to be honest.

Here's a brief summary of what each company spear heads:

ZY Phyto Tech Industries Sdn Bhd - The production of Health and Wellness products that are made from food based herbs and a high quality cosmetic line that is produced in a clean and safe environment. All products made here undergo a strict and stringent quality control procedure.

ZY Cosmetics Sdn Bhd - Products made here are inspired by world renowned brands. Zy Phyto Cosmetics manufactures a wide range of products such as Perfumes, Pomade, Hair Cream, as well as other make-up products.

ZY Herbal Science Sdn Bhd @ Saudagar Herba - Supplies a wide range of herbs and herbal products in the form of Powder, Extracts or even Plant Life from minuscule to commercial level with a hub for items "ready to buy".

ZY Academy Sdn Bhd - Provides a Management Team that is knowledgeable and capable of creating programmes that are tailor made.

ZY Printpack Sdn Bhd - Provides Printing Services, Repackaging Services, Design and Accessories/Fittings for the Zy Phyto Group of Companies.

ZY Phyto Marketing Sdn Bhd - Supports and assists in the penetration and and expansion into new markets by providing Advertising, Market Research, Media Planning, Public Relations and Marketing Strategy Solutions.

ZY Phyto East Coast Sdn Bhd - Spearheads the production of Herbal based product and research based on knowledge gained specific to the East Coast Region of Malaysia.

Emily's Cattery - Provides boarding and breeding services for Cat Breeders with a selection of A++ Grade Breeds.

Yayasan Qaseh ZY Phyto - A Community Centred Organisation that was established with the sole purpose of empowering the communities social-economy foundation through business networking, knowledge empowerment, training and joint ventures.

Enough said about Zy Phyto, let's talk about what services Zy Phyto have to offer to all you young entrepreneurs out there. Among these services are:

Printing - They provide multiple professional printing options to suit all your needs and the needs of your business.

Product Registration and Patenting - Zy Phyto will aid you in all aspects of getting your product(s) registered as well as all negotiating processes. All you need to provide them with is a brief explanation about your product.

Design - Zy Phyto's team of designers are ready to design all types of packaging based on your every whim and fancy.

Packaging - Each of your products will be professionally packaged with well designed packaging and this would include brochures and other relevant information.

Product Development - Zy Phyto will play an active role in each step of your product development from it's infancy until the final product is delivered.

Lab and Research Facilities - The Lab at Zy Phyto serves as a one stop Product Research and Developement hub where each product is tested and valued based on it's nutritional values and level of cleanliness during production.

Logistics Solutions - No more worries when it comes to bringing back the finished product. Why? Because Zy Phyto also provides Logistic Solutions to ensure that the finished product is delivered right to your doorstep or outlet.

Negotiations and Training - Zy Phyto also provides Negotiation services and a continuous Training program to ensure that your their prospects and clients are well equipped to tackle any situation that may arise.

I hope the information provided in this write-up is more than adequate for all of you to get a brief understanding of how and what you need to get started in creating your own line of products. Zy Phyto's end to end services should be more than sufficient for you if you are keen on a new start up company and have little or no knowledge in the industry.

For more information or further consultation,  you may reach out to Zy Phyto via their official wesite at I wish all future entrepreneurs out there the very best of luck in you en devours. 

Monday, 7 May 2018

Philips BT3206 (Series 3000) Beard Trimmer, Is It Any Good?

Good Morning Ladies and Gents,
Those of you whom are Beard Lovers have been waiting for this write-up since the day I posted images of the BT3206 Beard Trimmer on my Facebook and Instagram. The latest from Phillips 3000 Series Trimmers and Shavers.

It's been a long time coming but after about two weeks of putting this through its paces, I've finally come to the conclusion that although it is priced more towards the high end of the scale, It's features, usability and durability certainly outweigh the price factor on numerous levels.

Among the features that stand out most are it's Innovative Lift and Trim system which lifts and captures more low-lying hairs with every path, the Zoom Wheel which gives you the flexibility to choose up to 10 length setting from 0.5mm to 10mm and it's insane self sharpening stainless steel blades which allows you to get the same precise results every time.

Marketed as a Beard Trimmer, the Philips BT3206 isn't only capable of trimming but it has also acted as an emergency shaver for me when I had to attend a last minute event and looked like a Persian foot rug. LOL. Though I was not able to get a perfectly clean and smooth shave out of the BT3206, it was definitely better than I had expected.

So, after a good two weeks or so of using the BT3206 I'm going to give you my honest opinion on it and you judge for yourself. Out of the box you get the BT3206 unit with a tiny brush to clean the blades, a power cord for charging, a warranty card and a user manual. Based on my searches online, the UK version also comes with a cute little carry bag.

The BT3206 Beard Trimmer boasts a whopping 60 minute run time on a single charge, however I have been using it once every two days for around 10 minutes each time (Because I'm a descendant of Chewbaca) LOL. So that's already 1 hour and 10 minutes, and I find the battery still has enough juice in it to probably run for another 3 cycles (maybe). To add to that, I haven't charged the BT3206 since the day I received it from Philips Malaysia over two and a half weeks ago. Now that is truly AMAZING.
LOL! Yes this guy. hahaha...
Remember I mentioned one of the features the BT3206 Beard Trimmer boasted about was it ability to self sharpen the blades? Well, believe me it's true. Just about 2 days ago, I accidentally cut my self because the blades are super duper sharp. Painful? YES!  But it just goes to show that what was said isn't just a marketing shenanigan of sorts.

Durability is something that was not mentioned in the brochure however I find the BT3206's build quality to be extremely good. I've dropped it twice already and there isn't a single visible scar nor any loose / rattling parts. (Yeah, I can be a klutz sometimes).

Owww.... Did I mention that the 10 length setting work great!!! Initially I wanted to test out it's ability to be used as an emergency shaver and decided to put it to it's lowest setting. Guess what? Voila!!! Perfectly trimmed beard and almost clean shaved look.

Today, I generally use Philips Beard Trimmer to trim my goatee when it starts going GROOT on me if you know what I mean. Every bearded man knows that no matter how perfect a goatee you have, there will always be the ROGUE ONE. (Ok, so i'm a StarWars fan. Sue me!).

Priced at 175.00 MYR, I feel the price is a bit steep. Nevertheless, if you have the extra bucks then the BT3206 Beard Trimmer by Philips would definitely be a steal. Plus it comes with a 2 YEAR WORLDWIDE WARRANTY! What more could you ask for?
Everything from the build quality right up to the precision and battery life was more than I had expected to be honest. I'm a believer now.

To find out more on the Philips BT3206 Beard Trimmer or other Series 3000 products, you may visit Philips Malaysia's Website.

Till next time. Have a good one folks.

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