Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Interlude - Wedding @ Kari Kepala Ikan YKS

A couple of days ago, I showcased the story of two newly weds who had decided to engage the services of a "Mamak Shop" Kari Kepala Ikan YKS to host their wedding reception.

It was somewhat out of the ordinary to hear that they would actually like to have their "BIG DAY" celebrated at a "Mamak", but to everybody's surprise the event was was planned out the transformation was EPIC!!! to say the least.
Rather unfortunate though that I was not able to witness the actual ceremony first hand due to work commitments on the day. However, thanks to the photographer and proprietor of the establishment...... I am able to share with you some of the moments from this joyous event.

Among the guest's was Malaysia's most rugged & talented actor. The man himself.........

On the Left:
Rosyam Nor known for his GREAT roles as Tailong in KL Gangster 2 & Castello.

On the Right:
Operations Manager @ Kari Kepala Ikan YKS.
Tn. Hj. Abdul Hamid .

May these two love bird's be blessed with joy and happiness all the days of their lives.

Pssssstttt....... In case you want to inquire on the cost & packages they offer:

Restoran Kampong Pandan Kari Kepala Ikan.
No.2 Lorong Yap Kwan Seng,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.
+0183252554 / +603216125256

Or if you want to get in touch with the PHOTOGRAPHER:

Until next time..........

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Mamak Shop Weddings... What do you think & What's my take?

Many a time we hear of people around us, friends and even relatives organizing parties or even weddings at parks, classy diners and even boutique hotels & ballrooms.
In this modern day and age, these sorts of arrangements have become somewhat the norm in our society.

There is no doubt that these classy and themed wedding setups are a dream come true for most. The perfect fairy tale ending (or beginning) to a wonderful bond of eternal love. Nevertheless, these wedding venues don't usually come cheap. They can cost anywhere from 25 - 100 thousand a pop.

One begs the question - What do i do if i want a  "BIG", "FANCY" fairy tale wedding but don't have an enormous bank account to fund it? (questions we all ask ourselves at some point in life).... 

Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan Kampong Pandan (YapKwanSeng) may be able to help you out!!!
A familiar name when it comes to serving the best "Fish Head Curry" in town, Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan YKS has been around since 1976.

Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan YKS is also actively promoting it's culinary delights on social media as well as supporting local, up and coming street bands (better know as buskers).

Over the course of 2015, they have hosted the likes of famous blogger Ben Ashaari and his club #kelabbloggerbenashaari  as well as Malaysia's self proclaimed KING!!! hahahaha.... i dont mean our Sultan... I mean the KING of Police Reports!!! Ayahanda Kipidap @ Abdul Rani Kulup.

Having caught the eyes of many Malaysians, it doesn't come as a surprise that one very such Malaysian decided to hold his wedding reception at this very iconic MAMAK!

YES!!!!! Believe it or not.... These newly weds have chosen Kari Kepala Ikan YKS as the venue for their BIG DAY reception. 

As shocking as this may sound, it is actually true... i was personally invited to witness the early transformation of the restaurant earlier today........ less than 24 hours away from the event.

I for one did not believe the transformation that took place in just a matter of hours.

Being marketed as WEDDINGS @ YKS, this new endeavor  is of to a good start with their first wedding taking place RIGHT HERE today!!!!! (21st February 2016)

So who says you cant have style and make your wedding look exquisite even if you have a tight budget?

I'm sure the friendly and helpful team at Kari Kepala Ikan YKS will be able to tailor to your needs and budget.

If this short write up tickles your fancy, you may by all means contact them through social media or via the good old telephone at:

Restoran Kampong Pandan Kari Kepala Ikan.
No.2 Lorong Yap Kwan Seng,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.
+0183252554 / +603216125256

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

**Throwback Tuesday** Endau Rompin - Selai National Park (A Nature Lovers Home Away From Home)


Endau-Rompin National Park is a protected tropical rainforest in the southernmost prolongation of the Tenasserim HillsMalaysia. It is an area south of the state of Pahang and to the northeast of Johor covering an approximate area of 870 km², effectively making it the second largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia after Taman Negara, with approximately 26 km of trail. It is the second national park proclaimed by the government of Malaysia.

Ever wondered what it would be like to be one with nature? 
To live within one of the largest forest and wildlife reserves in Malaysia?

Well if your answer was YES!, then let me take you on little journey of discovery through my personal experience(s) with and within Endau Rompin - Selai National Park.

Back in late 2006 was the first time that i had set foot into this pristine, untouched piece of rain forest. What initially started out as a favor for a friend and his late father, later turned to a passion and rekindled the burning desire in me to be close to nature. 

Here's a photo of me back then (Fit not Fat). Taken while i was hanging about 60 feet of the forest floor.

After almost 10 years being away from the "Outdoor" scene, i remain passionate about nature and the great outdoors. Never once has that urge to return ever faded.

Enough about me already..... Let's move on shall we?

In late October 2015, while having a chat over dinner with a best buddy, and my better half. 
I blurted out the idea...... and to my surprise, i wasn't the only one keen on going back to Endau Rompin - Selai. (Both of them are also "Die-Hard Outdoor Enthusiast")


Its about a 4 hour drive (give or take) from Kuala Lumpur to Bekok via the North - South Expressway. I usually exit off at Tangkak and continue along the coastal roads. 
( Just because i love the scenery & fresh air).

The Bekok Ranger's registration office.
You may pay for your Accommodation & Transfer(s) here.
(you require a permit and insurance to enter the park)

Having already made reservations, all we had to do was fill up some paperwork, pay our dues... and we were off.
Since we were well versed with the outdoors, we decided to camp (the good old fashioned way). 
** Note that they have Chalets as well as Dorm's which you may book for your stay there**

Are we there yet you ask? NOPE!!!
There was still about an hour and a half drive through some pretty rough and rugged terrain. 
(Being the adrenaline junkie that i was, i decided to take on this 26 kilometer path with good old Miss Cherry).......... This in turn saved us around RM 300 on a return transfer via 4x4.....

Here she is.... Miss Cherry... An 84' Daihatsu Charade G11. She isn't much to look at, but she sure as hell packs a punch!

A LONG, HARD AND ROUGH hour or so later, we reached Base Camp - Lubuk Tapah, where we decided to take a tour of the surroundings since it had been close to 10 years since our last visit.

Nothing much had actually changed, except maybe the flow of the river after numerous floods over the years. The addition of a dormitory, a hall and a power-station was a welcome sight.

Did you know?

The first ever images of a Spotted Leaopard in Malaysia was caught in this very wilderness?


The main goal for us was to take our minds off work and take in as much good vibes as we could from our surroundings, and that ladies and gentleman is exactly what we did.

Four solid days of peace and quiet, no gadgets (except the camera), no connection to the outside world. One could say we were in seventh heaven....

We also had the company of dozens of furry little squirrels...

Safe to say that we were living like "Nomad's" but eating like "Duke's"... HAHAHAHA....
6 meals a day (minimum).... Beats any 5 Star Hotel by a long shot...

Not exactly a "Gourmet" meal..... 


There's a myriad of activities that you can actually do in Endau Rompin. Many of which are even suitable for a beginner,
"White Water Tube Rafting" for example.. Nothing beats some blood pumping adrenaline action!!!
(Not for the faint hearted though.... those rapids are a "KILLER" especially during the wet season)

Then there's every outdoors-man's favorite activity.. TREKKING!!!!
Here there quite a few treks that you can choose from. Anything from a beginners standard, right up to an intermediate or advanced trek.

By now, i've probably got you at the edge of your seat.... Hoping against hope to see the MAGNIFICENT view of these waterfalls....

Well why not....
Go ahead, feast your eyes on the beauty of God's creations.
Takah Tinggi Waterfall
Takah Pandan Waterfall
Takah Berangin Waterfall

Im done with my adventure.... Now it's time you experience it for your selves.
You will not be disappointed, I swear...


1. If you want to avoid the hassle of driving there, you can also take the KTM to Bekok. The walk up to the Park Office is only around 10 minutes.
2. For all your camping needs, you may visit these two trusted merchants:

a). Evergreen Adventure Sdn Bhd.
b). Allsports Equipment Sdn Bhd


Endau Rompin (Selai) National Park 
No. 8, Jalan Satria 1, Taman Berjaya, 86500 
Bekok, Segamat, 
Johor Darul Takzim

Tel. No : +6079222875
 Fax. No : +6079222576
Email : endaurompin.selai@facebook.com 


Enjoy a short slideshow before you leave ya?

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Until next time..........

Be Young, Be Wild, Be Adventurous & Be Safe.

Jean Gallyot signing out.

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