Monday, 15 February 2016

Mak Lang Chalet, Janda Baik, Pahang. - A quaint establishment for a short getaway!!!

Mak Lang Chalet - Janda Baik, the best destination for the budget traveler and those looking for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the "BIG" city.

Situated in Bentong, Pahang. Only 30 kilometers outside of the capitol and a mere 40 minute drive via the old federal road (Gombak - Bentong Link) or the East Coast Expressway. Janda Baik is one of the most frequently visited areas when it comes to picnic's and short family getaways.
Being a small village with an approximate population of only 1000 people, it is surprising to see the development within this small community. There is an average of 2 chalets and 1 restaurant per kilometer.

Since there was a long holiday over the past week, my better half and i decided to take a slow ride via the coastal road from Gombak to Janda Baik. The change of scenery was defiantly refreshing, not to mention the chanced encounter with an entire family of macaque's or locally know as "beruk".

Did you know?

The macaques (/məˈkɑːk/ or /məˈkæk/[2]) constitute a genus (Macaca) of Old World monkeys of the subfamily Cercopithecinae. The 23 species of macaques are widespread over Earth.

We reached Janda Baik at around 1 pm and decided to survey a few well know camping / picnic sites. Unfortunately all of them were already booked.


So we decided to head on over "Andak's Place", a restaurant that we normally frequent if we're in the area.
 I kid you not! This place serves the best "kampung" style dishes around.
 **Be warned though that the dishes are mostly spicy and the food runs out by 1.30 pm.

Once we were done satisfying our tummy's with scrumptious, mouth watering, tear inducing goodness. 
We decide to survey the surrounding area but to no avail.
Just as we were on the brink of giving up............ 
There she was !!!! "Mak Lang Chalet"..... We called the owner / proprietor and to our astonishment, they actually had chalets and gazebo's still vacant. WooHooo!!!!

The owner was also kind enough to offer us the "Tee-Pee" like chalet and use of the Gazebo for only RM 30.00 since it was already past mid-day. I found that rather reasonable since the rest of the chalets we asking for a minimum of RM 25 for a Gazebo only. Mind you, "Mak Lang" Chalet's daily rate is only RM 70.00 per night for the "Tee-Pee".

They also have a larger chalet and a dorm, not to mention cooking facilities, a large field for team building events, a dinning hall for seminars as well.

but MOST IMPORTANTLY they have clean toilets and showering facilities!.

After buying some water and tidbits, to the river we went...HAHAHAHA....
It was quite the journey i tell you, considering that it was only 10 - 15 feet from our "Tee- Pee" doorstep.

See what i mean when i said right outside your doorstep? You can actually roll to the river... LOL..

All in all we had a very relaxing day there, in and out of the river. The fresh air, green surroundings and the sound of a flowing river echoing in the background.... Utter bliss it was... HONESTLY...

So for all you NATURE LOVERS out there, here's a place you can visit on a budget and without travelling a whole lot.

If you'd like to know more about Mak Lang Chalet - Janda Baik.

find them on Facebook:

Or Call them directly:


Im sure by now everybody's almost tired of reading on while i go on and on and on..... so here are some of the pictures we took while we were there and a video teaser for all you lazy bums out there... hehehe...


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Until next time..........

Be Young, Be Wild, Be Adventurous & Be Safe.

Jean Gallyot signing out.


  1. wahhhhh nice......teringin dari dulu nak gi janda baik....

    1. Very.. Very nice... especially for those yang ada anak kecik. memang sesuai sgt. sebab air dia xdalam mana. Janda baik mmg kene try, dekat pulak tu.

  2. Cool la yr blog. Lagi hebat dr I. Keep it up , more write up please...

    1. Alololo... blushing gittew... biasa2 jer lah... Thanks for the compliment... definately will have more write ups soon...

  3. Dayumn.. gud write up man.. keep this going and probably not need your day job..

    1. I wasn't expecting this visit, but it means the world.. thank you very much for the support.

  4. Thorbayek... lama tak pergi janda baik. Last pergi ada camp under KBS. Memang best!

    1. Memang best... tapi kalau org yang dah biasa pergi dia akan tau beza dengan janda baik dulu... haluan air dengan paras air dah tak best mcm dlu. tp still tempat yg sesuai untuk beristirehat...

  5. nice! been looking for this places for my company trip. thanks to Ayue for recommending this

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