Sunday, 10 April 2016

Movie Preview: Before I Wake. Why oh why did i watch it....

Why oh why did i watch it?

Well firstly, i was among the privileged few who got a chance to watch BEFORE I WAKE a day before the official movie premier on the big screen.

Courtesy to the kind people at for providing us with the tickets.

BEFORE I WAKE tells the story of a young orphan boy (Cody - Played by Jacob Tremblay) with a very very VIVID imagination. So real in fact, that his dreams actually become reality. 


The same goes for his NIGHTMARES as well....

Here's where the story goes from colorful little butterflies filling the air, to darkness and torment brought forth by a character that his sub-conscious created called the CANKER MAN.

You might laugh at the name, knowing that most of us who have seen adds on Indonesian cigarette boxes referring to Cancer as "Kanker". However, as the story progresses i can certainly guarantee that you will be filled with intrigue. Some may even feel rather teary during some scenes as did i. 

I have been a little sensitive since the loss of my DAD about 15 months ago.

Anyway, back to the story ya? hehehe...

This Heart pounding Supernatural Horror Thriller, will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat.

All in all the story has a lot of instances that would make you think, assume and even plot ahead (in your head) not to mention the occasional heart stopping "supernatural" scenes.

That being said, i recommend this movie to those whom are intellectual and inquisitive and horror / thriller addicts.

So.... the answer to "Why oh why did i watch it" is?


Honorable mentions:

Cody (Mr. Dream  boy himself)
- Jacob Tremblay

Cody's Foster Mom (Main Heroin)

- Jessie (Kate Bosworth)

Cody's Foster Dad (Main Hero / Male Character)
- Mark (Thomas Jane)


  1. hmm dah lama tak tengok film horror. macam best gak

  2. Tak minat horror2 movie ni. Kerja lik lewat umah sengsorang.. huh.. no way.

  3. Tak minat horror2 movie ni. Kerja lik lewat umah sengsorang.. huh.. no way.


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