Thursday, 15 September 2016

Canadian Rehabilitation Center - Healing From Within.

The Canadian Rehabilitation Center Kuala Lumpur.

Have you heard about them before? 

Well, if your answer is "NO" then you join many other Malaysian's who have yet to learn about and  experience their astonishing methods of treatment.

This Canadian based treatment & rehabilitation center is more of a "Life" center if you ask me personally. Their aim is to treat patients of all ages with methods that emphasize on healing the individual from the inside out.

Unlike any other...
The Canadian Rehabilitation Center treats its patients and fellow patrons not based on their ailments, rather on the root cause itself. 

They pride themselves on being the most cost effective and affordable source of treatment catering to people from all walks of life.

At The Canadian Rehabilitation Center they not only treat their patients, they also take time to educate and care for their patients. 
As the saying goes "healing starts from within" , Thus this is the approach taken by The Canadian Rehabilitation Center.


As part of their mission, The center is also trying to create awareness pertaining to mental health and why it is so important in society today. People with Mental Health Issues have been shun upon in the past with rather discouraging statements, when in all honesty they deserve as much care and respect as any other human being. 
The Canadian Rehabilitation Center is moving towards erasing this Stigma that is felt by many and providing the necessary counselling and education needed.  

Among the services rendered are:



Exercise Therapy
Rehabilitation Program
Gait Training
Posture Correction
Physical hands-on technique
Physical health education
In-home based physio program
Obesity & Weight Management Service
(Starting from as low as 80.00 MYR / Session)


In-Home Assessments (Home & Self-care Needs)
Practical Nursing Interventions
Geriatric Care
In-Home Physiotherapy


Neurological Assessment
Orthopedic Assessment
Nutrition Assessment
Gait & Posture Analysis


Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment
Psychometric Assessments
Specialized & Individualized Interventions
Individual/Group/Couple/Family Counselling Sessions
Neuro/BioFeedback Treatments


Health Education
Symptom Awareness 
Programs for Refugees & Asylum Seekers
Pilot Research Projects (Diabetic Neuropathy / Ulcer Healing), etc.
Medical Camps
Collaborative research projects with hospitals and universities

With so many forms of treatment to choose from, one might wonder if there is a suitable form of treatment for them... NOT TO WORRY.....

The Canadian Rehabilitation Center is more than happy to cater to each individuals needs and symptoms, all you need to do is ask.

I hope that through this little infomercial of mine, many of you may gain the knowledge and healthcare desired. 

For further information on The Canadian Rehabilitation Center :

The Address:

Canadian Rehabilitation
1-12(B), First Floor, Plaza Riverwalk, Rivercity
Off Jalan Selvadurai, 3rd Mile, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah
51200, Kuala Lumpur

The Website:

The Telephone Number:

03-4051 3494

Consultation / Treatment hours:

8am - 8pm (Monday - Friday)
8am - 5pm (Saturday)
**By appointment only on Sunday.

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