Friday, 30 September 2016

XCape Resort, Sg.Lembing - First Impressions.

XCape Resort Sg. Lembing is a MUST visit for the avid outdoors-man. Situated about 9 Kilometers "Off-Grid" from the Town of Sg.Lembing. XCape Resort promises an experience un-parallel to any other.

What they offer is not only centered around their resort but also a full tour around the historic town of Sg.Lembing. You have a chance to walk through time & tale from when the town was one of the biggest producers of "Tin" way back in the late 1800's.

Did you know?
Here are some fun facts for you...
After the collapse of worldwide "Tin" prices, the mine was forced to cease operations in 1986 and has since been restored as historical site where members of the public can experience "life in the mines" as it were.
Aside from that, there has been a museum commissioned with the sole purpose of showcasing the mines history, tools as well as artifacts from the "El-Dorado" mine itself.

After completing your history lesson, you'll be taken to another astonishing site which is the "Kolong Pahat" suspension bridge. The bridge was constructed over 200 years ago and still stands strong as a testament to good old fashioned ingenuity.

 Whats more is the fact that the bridge will lead you to a small village across the river that is famous for it's Sg.Lembing Noodles (Factory) and whole lot of other produce that uses methods dating back to the time of their ancestors. 

Enough said about the town. Want to know what happens next? Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Adventure we experienced with Xcape Resort.

To be continued........

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