Monday, 17 October 2016

Pecah Rumah! - Sepetang Bersama Mereka...

Kejadian PECAH RUMAH ni berlaku tengahari semalam... Memang tak sangka langsung rumah "dia" boleh kene pecah sampai macam tu sekali..

Habis semua benda kena kebas sampai habis.

Haaaa.... Ni kisah yang luar biasa sikit, bukannya pecah rumah dari segi rompakan... Tapi, lebih kepada kes "TERJAH" rumah bujang kawan sorang ni. HAHA...

Rakan tersebut merupakan salah seorang rakan #KBBA9 iaitu "Aznan Saad". Bila cakap semua benda kena kebas tu, bukanlah kitorang ni pergi merompak rumah dia ke apa. Sebenarnya barang yang dikebas itu adalah barang dapur dan barang basah... hahahahaha...

Korang nak tau apa kitorang buat? Benda apa? Nak tau sangat apa yang kena kebas sampai habis???

Apa lagi.... 1 peti ais dengan segala barang kering dan basah lah kami kebas... Jadi lah kanak2 ribena kejap kan.... Main masak masak lah kita... hahahaha...

Hasilnya? well tak nak cite banyak lah memang licin semua lauk yang dimasak.... Burpp......

Ayam masak kicap koboi.
Kacang Buncis - Stir fry with egg

Ulam (mat salleh panggil "SALAD")
Sambal petai & Ikan bilis.
Kangkung goreng.
Telur Dadar Gebu with Mayo. 
Sambal Belacan POWERRRRR!

Settle makan kitorang layan beberapa movie. Tak terkira, sebab aku lena diulit mimpi indah setelah berjuang di dapur. HAHAHAHA...

Siapa lah agaknya mangsa seterusnya ye?
Kita tunggu dan lihat lah ye....

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Nights of Fright 4 - Face your Fears Again.....

Nights of Fright 4 will be opening its gates to the public from the 7th of October. Time to "Face your Fears" AGAIN........

Sunway Lagoon's Scream Park is once again bringing to the forefront its world renowned NOF!. In this 4th addition there will be numerous spooky genre's from Local & International Urban Legends.

Prepare yourselves to be horrified and spooked at every corner!

Tickets are priced at 58.00 MYR per person.

Want more details on what I experienced and whats my rating?

Stay tuned....... More tales from the crypt coming up...

Monday, 3 October 2016

Why work for an International Company!

Why  work for an International Company?

Today was my first day at my new job and i was received with a huge smile from everyone.

The environment is superb, there's probably just about every race you could name working here. In perfect harmony.  

The fact that once you have signed your offer of employment, they actually make it a priority to get everything in order so you don't get the run around on your first day of service with them.

You are paid to do a job efficiently and given the adequate tools to do it. Everything you could possibly want or need will be placed at your disposal. All you have to do is perform and produce results.
They do not haunt you or breathe down your neck every minute of the day, and most importantly they are very professional and do not backstab or bitch about you. If there are any issues, you would be made aware of it in a professional way.

Much more than i can say for certain individuals whom i have known and reported to in the past. As far as i'm concerned, these individual(s) are un-professional, ill mannerd and lack every trait that is required to be a person of power.

All the bitching aside...... Im glad i've been given the opportunity to work with well developed and mature professional here...

Thanks TP!

Saturday, 1 October 2016

XCAPE Resort, Sg.Lembing - The Adventure Begins.

Xcape Resort, Sg. Lembing - Our journey begins.
After a fun filled, informative journey so far. im sure many of you would like to know what else Xcape Resort has to offer?

Well..... Lets begin our journey together shall we?

We started off by visiting the "Museum" followed by the "suspension bridge" & the infamous "tin" mine. After which, we were all pretty hungry after all the walking... hahaha...

Xcape Resort, had allotted a total of three 4 wheel drives especially for us. 2 of which for the passengers and the remaining 1 for our luggage. To my surprise, i was asked if i would like to bring my motorcycle along? Which of course i agreed to!

And we were off....

Throughout the 40 minute journey we treated to wonderful scenery and the sheer beauty of a rather un-touched forest.

Our first hurdle came when there was a river crossing involved... It was alright for the 4x4's but I was on a motorcycle (a scooter to be exact). HAHAHA...

All went well and before we knew it, we had arrived. We could see the HUGE "XCAPE" sign on the opposite side of the river. (though this time we had to cross a bridge by foot).

As you pant and walk up the large steps, you suddenly realize what magnificent beauty lies in front of you. Imagine a 4 start lodge style accommodation in the heart of the jungle! Truly amazing.

I'll tell you more about the accommodation and the activities that XCape Resort offers in the next entry.

Coming up..... 

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