Thursday, 17 November 2016

Jalan Jalan Japan - A Haven for Shopaholic's on a Budget.

A Japanese Phenomena Arrives in Malaysia! 
Sound familiar?

Yes, i am referring to Jalan Jalan Japan!

Being someone who is by nature, inquisitive... I was definitely enthusiastic about seeing the Outlet and its offerings first hand.  Seeing that there was a major hype on social media networks, I for one was rather sceptical about the description and hashtag #hargagiler which roughly translates as "Crazy Prices"

In this day and age when the Economy isn't at its best, we all find it hard to make ends meat. Let alone be able to indulge in a shopping spree. Most of us make do with what little we have, whether it be clothes, shoes, shirts, blouses, etc...


Thanks to Jalan Jalan Japan, now we can all enjoy a stress relieving therapy - SHOPPING.
With only 100.00 MYR anyone is able to get suited up for a job interview, or even buy a pair of Jeans and Sneakers with a little left over for a Plush toy for that Special Lady. ;)

With prices starting at a mere two (2) ringgit, its definitely a MUST VISIT.  
Located within the Iconic One City Skypark, Jalan Jalan Japan is a Pre-Loved haven that spans a total of two (2), YES TWO Floors!

Walking into the outlet, I was greeted with an entire showcase of almost mint condition items including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada Handbags, G-Shock watches and Collectibles like Limited Edition Gundam figurines.

The prices range anywhere from 50 - 300 MYR. Still rather affordable as opposed to to their prices if they were "BRAND NEW". Not forgetting a virtually endless row of Plush Toys of shapes and sizes.

Jalan Jalan Japan caters to patrons of all ages from toddlers right up to Adults. If you're a Lady, then be prepared to lose your mind!!! the entire first floor is 70% Ladies wear. On the 2nd floor, you are greeted with a selection of Men's apparel, Shoes, Ladies handbags, Bags, Sporting Equipment as well as Outdoor gear.

I was privileged enough to get my hands on a few items for myself (Being someone who is Fluff/ Plus size/ Easy to see).
I managed to scoop up two Hoodies, one Jacket, A pair of Pro-Tex Waterproof Hiking shoes all for a GRAND TOTAL of 95.00 MYR!!!!

Im definitely going back there to shop again, there are still a lot more items that i am eyeing.
They'll be opening their doors to the public on the 18th of November 2016 starting at 10am until 10pm.

Enough of my shopping experience there, why not EXPERIENCE it for yourself ! Dont WAIT.... Make your way over to Jalan Jalan Japan this Friday and SHOP TILL YOU DROP!!!.

Owhh ya... There'll be an additional 10% DISCOUNT for the first 100 customers. 


  1. haa.. ni la yg si kenit dok bgtau aku td.. thanx for the info bro... finally u've becoming a blogger that i've been waiting for.. keep it up..

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