Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Malaysia Puts Itself On The Map in Professional Boxing!

The Malaysian Boxing scene has been somewhat in the shadows for many years.....
Until NOW!
The 30th of October 2016 marked a very SPECIAL milestone for Athletes and Enthusiasts alike.
Because it marks the day that The Malaysian Professional Boxing Association (MBA) was sanctioned by the WORLD BOXING COUNCIL (WBC).

What this entails is the ability for aspiring young Malaysian athletes to compete in the sport of Boxing at an International Level.

Since the early 60's, Professional Boxing has brought us the likes of Legends such as "Sugar Ray" Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquiao and the list continues. These athletes are famed the world over and are know for the endless success in the ring. 
Such success stories are less heard of in our home country. One must wonder why considering the sport itself is as old our Country.

The answer is simple.......  We lack a "Significant Organisation" sanctioned by a "World Class Recognised Body". In a nut shell what this means is that we did not have adequate facilities and training in which our young aspiring athletes are able to seek guidance and coaching to enable them to reach the International Arena.

That being said, TODAY we are able to stand tall and soar to greater heights... Thanks to the partnership between WBC and MBA.

During the Officiation and Sanctioning  ceremony held in Puchong, The Secretary General of WBC Asia, Patrick Cusick said "We're really excited to work with MBA as we believe that there are so many untapped boxing talents in Malaysia and it's surrounding regions. It's as if we we're sitting on a mine of unpolished diamonds! Now we are here to do the polishing."

Chairman of the MBA and Managing Director of Muayfit Puchong, Raymond Liew in his address said 
"It has always been the dream of boxers to say that they have fought in a glamorous venue such as Las Vegas, or in the same ring that Mike Tyson or Manny Pacquiao fought in before.
Sadly, that has never been possible for Malaysian boxers because we have never been officially sanctioned by a recognised organisation before.
Today, we are making that dream come true!"

Today also marks the end of a 2 day seminar conducted by :

Patrick Cusick - WBC Asia Secretary General, WBC Board of Governors, WBC Rating Committee Member.

Bruce McTavish - Legendary Multi Awarded Boxing Ring Official, WBC Master Referee & Judge.

Brico Santig - WBC ASia Top Promoter.

The trio presented certificates of authentication to attendees of the 2-Day Seminar, making them Official Judges & Referees under the sanction of WBC.

The two day seminar was only a miniscule step towards greater achievements. In tow is the First EVER WBC Asia Championship scheduled to take place in January 2017 right here in Malaysia. On the fight card of the event are our very own local Malaysian boxers presided over by the newly appointed judges and referees. The main event however will be the battle for the WBC Asia Featherweight Belt & Title.

Malaysia Professional Boxing Association (MBS) is the only officially sanctioned Malaysian organisation by World Boxing Council (WBC) to train boxers and organise championships. Its affiliate, Muayfit is recognised as one of the top 10 MMA gyms in Asia and the only gym from Malaysia in the said list, according to www.mmamania.com and www.thefightnation.com .

Formed in 1963, The World Boxing Council (WBC) is the worlds leading organisation for preofessional boxing. Among those whom have been recognised by WBC as World Champions include the likes of Floyd Mayweather Jr, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson & Manny Pacquian.

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