Friday, 13 January 2017

"Wangikanlah Hatimu" By Noraniza Idris ft. Tyka - Promises A New Beginning For Creative Ethnic Music!

"Wangikanlah Hatimu" 
The latest single sung by none other than the legendary Noraniza Idris alongside a young and upcoming star Tyka.

Categorised as a song under the genre of "Irama Malaysia" which carries a Pop - Ethnic / Creative sort of feel.
Wangikanlah Hatimu promises a new beginning to a genre that has faded away over time.

The Song which is produce by the Queen of Ethnic Pop herself - Noraniza Idris Production Venture Sdn Bhd is due to be launched simultaneously on Social Media as it is being sung "Live" in front of an audience at the Grand Finale of "3 Juara" this Sunday (15th January 2017) at 9.00 PM.

A brief introduction to the TWO powerful & versatile voices behind Wangikanlah Hatimu:
Noraniza Idris :
  • Sang at Wedding functions throughout her early years.
  • Caught a break after she participated in Bintang RTM in the mid 80's.
  • She is also the founder of the "Traditional Pop" genre.
  • Has a total of 32 years EXPERIENCE in the MUSIC INDUSTRY!

  • Started singing at the age of 5.
  • Finalist of  the reality TV Show "Seiras Seirama" produced by Astro.
  • Runner-up at "Bintang Klasik Kasih" 2015
  • Has a huge vocal range and sings POP songs with ease.
  • Has a total of 17 years Experience in the Music Industry.

I for one, am not a fan of local music but I am a fan of "Meaningful lyrics and Ethnic Pop" so i will be present to experience first hand the melody and lyrics.

For more information, please feel free to refer to the links below:

P/S : Lets all support and #saveiramamalaysia

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  1. tak pernah tonton 3 juara ni. nanti boleh tgk konsert final dia.


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