Thursday, 16 February 2017

Scammer Alert - What You Should Know - How To React.

It's been a few weeks since my last update, mainly because if been a little busy at work and was down with a sinus infection over the past week.

Anyway, Im back... It's all good...

So here's what happen yesterday (Wednesday 15th Feb 2017), I had posted my phone for sale on a local online marketplace (

Within a couple of hours, i had received numerous enquiries on the phone. However, there was one in particular who seemed out of the ordinary. 
I knew it was a SCAMMER the moment the text came through, main reason being the fact that the mobile number used was foreign and had been tagged to two different locations when checked online. (Pennsylvania & Russia).
Having +/- 13 years in the Service Industry, and part of which was actually dealing with Fraud Protection, I decided to play along and see how far their tactics can actually go.

To my amazement, the scammer seemed pretty new to the game as he was extremely gullible. Normally a scammer would be very pushy and resort to threatening you in the event you do not comply to their request or delay in replying their text'. This time though, I actually played him at his own game. Making him run around to comply with what i wanted.

It was rather silly and extremely hilarious to say the least.
Here's my Whatsapp Conversation with the Scammer. 
(read left to right)
P/S:  Pardon My French..... :)

Have you died laughing yet? Well i almost did... hahaha....

Anyway, the reason i posted this is because there are a lot of people out there whom are not aware of what these scammers are capable of. This is just one example of a person that is probably new to the scamming game, believe me there are others who are really really good at what they do.

It's best to be safe rather than sorry right?

Here's a few pointers that you can use if face with the same circumstances:

1. Always search for details of the number when it's from overseas. 
You can use mobile apps such as True Caller .

2. If your gut feeling tells you something isn't right, then it probably isn't.

3. Always know basic Geography.

4. Never ever give out your Bank details. (unless u know and trust the seller)

5. Never provide your email address if you feel that it is not required, especially if the person on the other hand says things like "I will send you instructions on what to do" or "Once i send it, make sure you read and understand" or "I will send you a link via email to where you can acquire you money".

6. Interpol has no Business in Online transactions. It should be monitored by the Country's Law Enforcement Agencies and / or Central Bank.

7. Never ship / send any item before full payment is received without any strings attached.

8. If you have or are experiencing such an issue with a seller or have been in this situation before, always remember to try and get as much information from them as possible.

9. Use information such as their banking details (i.e. Name, Account Number & Bank Name) to run a reference check with the specified bank.

10. Use shipping information such as receiver name and address and run a check with JPN (Citizens Register).

Once you have all the information in hand, you may then proceed to the Police and Lodge a report. Im not saying that by doing so, there is a possibility to reclaim your losses (monetary or otherwise) but it will alert the authorities and start the ball rolling when it comes to spreading awareness.

Statistics of Scams in Malaysia for 2016

For more information on how / what you can do as a consumer or end user, you may refer to the links below for some pretty useful information.

Cheers Folks.
Hopefully this will help those who have become victim to scammer(s) and create awareness for everyone else.

Feel free to share this with you Friends & Family.

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