Monday, 27 March 2017

Songkran - What it really means to the Thai people.

Many of us  know "Songkran" as the famous Thai water festival where you find little young things walking around in the skimpiest bikinis you could imagine, wet and enjoying themselves.
(LOL.... i know the men are going HELL YEAH!!! right now!)

Jokes aside, this wonderfully auspicious celebration of wet homosapiens has a hidden meaning that most of us do not actually know.
What am I talking about? 

Well the word "Songkran" first of all does not in anyway signify the water festival we all know it to be. Songkran in it's purest of meanings, translates as an Astrological Passing thus signifying the transition of a New Beginning or plainly put "The Thai New Year".

Songkran is celebrated differently in different parts of Thailand. Some areas wear colourful clothing, some limit the amount of work done on the auspicious day and others resort to fireworks and gunfire as a way to repel demons and bad luck for the New Year.

Now does this paint a picture of Water Splashing, Drinking Parties and The Social Apocalypse we have all become accustomed to? It doesn't does it?

These "Festivities" act more as an Attraction rather than a Tradition. Why i say this is because, by Tradition the only water that is splashed is that of youngsters showing respect to their elders by pouring water into their palms as a sign of revenance.

For many years I too have viewed "Songkran" as a rave party of sorts. It is not until you truly understand a foreign culture, that you are able appreciate their beliefs and have the want to experience it in a more Traditional manner.

This year, I will be making the journey to Thailand to experience both sides of the "Songkran" festivities (If GOD permits). I am looking forward to experiencing first hand the traditional meaning of Songkran whilst enjoying the modern day water splashing in the streets.

On another note, i will also be planning a few short trips while I am there. The Emerald Pool is one such place. It's pristine beauty has amazed me for quite some time now, but i have never been able to visit it due to time constraints and / or bad weather. 

This time round, I'm making it a point to visit the Emerald Pool as well as numerous other places like the Giant Buddha's Statue at the top of the Hat Yai Municipal Park.

Stay tuned for my feature updates while I'm there from the 12th till the 16th of April.


P/S: Images Coutesy of Google...


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