Tuesday, 21 March 2017

VeryFit 2.0 ID107 - A Cheaper Alternative For A Fitness Tracker?

Good Morning Folks.

So a couple of weeks ago i sought out and bought a fitness tracking watch. 
No! not Fitbit or Garmin because those are the creme' de la creme' of fitness trackers.
Instead, I opted to find a cheaper alternative with similar capabilities as a fitbit for instance.

Browsing through an online shopping website, i came across the Veryfit 2.0 - ID-107
It was quite decently priced and had just about every feature the competitor had. 
So i tell myself "why not right?"....  That was that and i ended up buying it.
The Veryfit Smartband comes in 5 color variants which are Blue, Black, Green, Purple & Orange.
Priced between RM 89 - RM 120 (depending on where you purchase it from and what offers are available).

Considering that I am not a hardcore fitness freak (anymore), i was looking to purchase something that was rather basic and streamlined whilst allowing me to check on my vitals and daily performance.
I received the my Veryfit 2.0 Smartband on Friday 10th March and have been wearing it since. Overall i am very pleased with the results and features.
It is advertised to have a battery life that can last between 7-15 days on a single charge. I personally have managed to get a total of 10 days on a single charge, with around 20% battery life remaining.

This piece of wearable technology not only allows you to track your steps, distance and calories burnt. It also allows you to monitor your heart rate, which to me is a feature that not many smart bands (at this price range) have to offer.

This is all thanks to a sensor that is located on the back of the watch face.

All that sounds cool right? but how exactly do you keep track of all this information you ask?

Well, thats simple..... The Veryfit 2.0 comes with its own mobile app which allows you to synchronize the data on the band directly to your smartphone (Android & iOS). Best part about this is you dont have to sync the band everyday as the band itself is able to store your daily performance data for a period of 7 days.

Aside from having all the general features of any other fitness tracker, the Veryfit 2.0 also comes with some other cool features like:

  • Call Alert - Vibrates when receiving a call.
  • SNS Alert - Notification Alerts for Apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook & Instagram.
  • Camera Remote - Allows you to capture images by using the band as a remote.
  • Wrist Sense - Twisting your wrist automatically eluminates the screen.
  • Sedentary Alerts - Alerts you when you have remained in a single position for too long.
  • Clock / Alarm - Daily alarm.
  • Find My Phone - Vibrates when your phone is not in range.

My personal opinion of the Veryfit 2.0 is that it is definitely value for money (unless you have alot to spare). It comes with all the features of a fitness tracker and more. Multiple color options to choose from and a battery capacity that is small but lasts a fortnight.

P/S: I forgot to mention that it is marketed as "WATERPROOF" though i have not had the time to test it yet. - USE AT OWN RISK 


Here are my ratings for the Veryfit 2.0 Smartband

Price Range: 2/10 (10 Being most Expensive)
Build Quality: 8/10 
Battery Life: 9/10
Functionality: 8/10
Ease of Use: 10/10
Mobile App: 9/10

In all honesty, would i recommend this to anyone else?


Here are some places you can get the Veryfit 2.0 from:

Keep Fit, Keep Healthy, Keep Moving!


  1. Jean, is it water resistant ie can I use it during swimming?

    1. Ehh... alaaa... forgot to mention. It is marketed as Waterproof tapi i belum try lagi. Ather reviews claim that you can even take it swimming.

  2. murahnya, nanti nak try beli juga lah... (walaupun dah ada sony, hahahah)

  3. aku punya yg fitbit tu tk de heart rate tracker la....bwehuhuhu jugaklah...

  4. Wow. Nnt de sen bole try beli.. yg de dh murah2 je tp dh krik3

  5. love how that best fitness tracker looks like a bracelet. A lot of times I think they look chunky and out of place. So this one is def right up my alley. I also really love your jeans! I love the hem and distressed style. to text me
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