Sunday, 30 April 2017

Lynnity Relief - Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils - A Must Have!

I've shared with you the benefits of a Botanic Health Supplement by Lynnity Botanic, today i'm going to tell you about another product that i received from them. 
It's a tiny little bottle of specially formulated essential oils that helps to calm the body and mind, relieve stress and minor discomforts like muscular tension and even headaches.

We've all had our fair share of Aromatherapy oil lamps in the past, but would have thought we can now have it in an easy to carry bottle. Which fits in the coin pocket of my favourite pair of Jeans.

I was travelling the other day, and after a long drive under the blazing hot sun.... I felt a headache coming on. I wanted to stop by a pharmacy and get some meds, but then Little Miss AJ reminded me about the essential oil roll-on.

So, i decided to give it a try..........
Surprisingly enough, i had almost instant relief when it came to a minor headache. 
I kid you not, I simply applied the easy to use roll-on to my temples and neck and the headache was gone shortly after.

Not only did it help relieve my headache, i also felt quite calm afterwards. 

Since that day, Lynnity Pure Therapeutic Essential Oil has been following me everywhere. I take it to work with me daily as a STRESSSS reliever and even on trips, like my recent trip to Koh Lanta where we spent close to 16 hours riding in the sun and rain.

Why does Lynnity Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils have such an effect? 

Well for starters, i would say because it utilises all the natural healing and soothing capabilities of NATURE. 
With Ingredients such as:

Peppermint Oil, 
Balsam Canada Needle Oil, 
Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Bud Oil, 
Coconut Oil, 
Hawaiian Sandalwood, 
Eucalyptus Leaf,
Clary Sage, 
Roman Chamomile, 
Ylang Ylang, 
Geranium Plant

This Essential Oil can be used by the entire family to relieve muscle pain after a workout, menstrual cramps and even discomfort in children.

For Men:

*Apply on hand, arm, feet & knees before and after exercise.
*Rub on Shoulder & lower back muscles after a day of heavy lifting at work or during a move.
*Rub over your heart, temples, or wrists to elevate energized mood and promote vitality.
*After a long, stressful day, rub on temples before driving to help relieve of stress.

For Women:

*During your menstrual cycle, apply to abdomen to experience a soothing and calming massage.
*During moments of heat, apply to the skin for a cooling, soothing effect.
*Diffuse for a calming aroma that helps soothe heightened emotions.

For Infants & Children:

*Apply directly from palms, or rub on chest, neck or feet when flu, cold or cough.
*Apply at bedtime for a restful night’s sleep.
*Massage Lynnity Relief on baby (1-2 drops) or kids’ legs before bedtime.
*Apply to wrists or back of hands and inhale deeply to promote a sense of clarity.

Lynnity's Pure Therapeutic Essential Oil is retailing at RM 88.00 and can be bought directly from their website. 
If you ask me, thats a DEAL!

For more information do visit them at:

Be Active..... Be Well....

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Lynnity Botanic (Citrus) - Bone, Joint, Cardiovascular Health & Cholesterol Management.

Having a hectic and active daily life does come with consequences, most of the time i find myself missing meals due to work deadlines or back to back events.
This in turn causes a lack of  nutrition to me and my body overall resulting in me being lethargic as well as feeling discomfort in my joints and shoulder and neck.

This is no longer an issue for me since i have found new faith in a Health and Wellness Products from a company called Lynnity Botanic.

I was introduced to Lynnity by a Friend and Fellow Blogger.
Lynnity gave me the opportunity to experience for myself the healing elements of purely botanic ingredients.

In my case, i was given the Botanic Health (Citrus) variant to try as it is specially formulated for people who suffer from joint paint, which i for one (since becoming a ball) have had to endure almost all the time.

Also included was a small roll-on bottle of their specially formulated essential oils. Which is a little teeney weeney bootle that fits into your jeans coin pocket and can be taken anywhere. (A little on this in a later entry.)

Being less active these days has also taken it's toll on  me as it has also affected my stamina and possibly the strength of my bones.
(i do have a hairline fracture on my tailbone from a water rafting accident years ago).

I have been taking Lynnity Botanic Citrus over the past 2 weeks and to be honest i have seen some truly positive differences. 
I have been waking up feeling fresh and energized (more energized with every passing day) and i have noticed that my blood pressure has also reduced quite a fair bit. 
Yes.... i do have borderline High Blood Pressure..... (comes with age... hahahaha)

Lynnity Botanic - Citrus

This Citrus variant is a combination of some pretty awesome, all natural botanic ingredients :

 Blue Green Algae
 Orthosiphon(misai kuching)
Lithothamnion Seaweed
Black Ginger
Ascorbic Acid
Oat Bran

Preparation is also a breeze with their individually packed 20gram sachets. 
I just tear, pour it into my shaker and add warm water.. voila! all set!

Though it's marketed as Citrus, don't be afraid of having some citrusy sour taste, The flavour is rather pleasant with a tinge of sweetness and has a surprisingly creamy texture. This is one "All Natural" supplement that i actually take time to drink and not just gulp it down, simply because of its taste.

POOOFFFF!!! All gone... hehehe...

Benefits of Lynnity Botanic Citrus

*Improves bone and joint health

*Maintains and repair Bones & Cartilage
*Reduce Pain & Inflammation
*Increase & sustain physical movements

*Lower cholesterol & blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health

It also helps to boost you metabolism and immune system ensuring that your body is performing at its optimum level always. I feel less lethargic, more energetic and the discomforts of yesteryear are no longer a worry to me.

For those of you who face the same predicament as me, i highly recommend you try this out for yourselves and see the difference. 

Still sceptical? why not checkout their website and social media at:

Monday, 24 April 2017

The Imperial Chakri Palace - Ramadhan Buffett

The Holy month of Ramadhan is around the corner, the ninth month of the Muslim Year entails a month of fast and abstinence from sunrise to sunset. 
Nonetheless, it is also known as the season for families to come together and break fast as one. That being said, Food and Beverage establishments generally take advantage of this and launch buffett promotions.
One such establishment is the renowned Chakri Palace.
This year, The Chakri Palace is introducing its “Tantalizing Tastes of Thailand”  buffett which will be featured at two of it's outlets which are "Imperial Chakri Palace" in KLCC and "Chakri Palace" Pavilion KL from the 30th of May 2017 onwards.

The Ambience of the establishment is one of exquisite class and provides a comfy dining experience to all, with ample dining space and sufficient elbow room for you to enjoy some quality time with FAMILY.

Featuring tantalizing Thai delights prepared by a dedicated team of Thai Chef's. Chakri Palace is bringing forth some 50 dishes to choose from this Ramadhan.
With such an array of scrumptious delicacies is bound to make anyone drool. 

Amongst the line up are some all time favourites that are sought after by many whenever there is the slightest whisper of "Thai cuisine"...

Thai Mango Salad, Thai Papaya Salad, The Legendary “Mieng Kam” which is a mixture of 7 ingredients, Samosa, Crispy Thai Spring Rolls, Thai Crispy Fried Noodles and many more.

For the main course Chakri Palace has put forth numerous "all time favourites" dishes such as Lamb in Thai Green Curry, Prawn in Butter Sauce topped with Salted Egg, Fish with Sweet & Sour Sauce, Black Pepper Beef and Stir Fried Squid topped with Salted Egg
Enticing your taste buds is taken a step further to honor the month of Ramadhan with some local Malaysian delights namely Rendang Daging Tok, Masak Lemak Gulai Daging, Ayam Kapitan and Nasi Briyani.

Live stalls will also be present at the venue during this Ramadhan, featuring mouth watering delicacies like Chicken / Beef Satay, Baked Fish and a selection of Tomyam Noodles.

After all the glorious food, a "Buka Puasa" dinner would never be complete without sweet and savoury desserts right? Well.... No Worries there as the Royal Chakri Palace has you covered with a prime selection of fine desserts to cater to your sweet tooth.

Ranging from Red Ruby Waterchestnut, Thai Mango with Sticky Rice and local Malay "kuih muih". Not forgetting everybody's favourite Bubur Jagung & Bubur Pisang
Your taste buds are surely in for a pleasant experience here at the Imperial Chakri Palace.

Sounds really enticing right? I personally can't wait to dine there again and enjoy the great food they offer. Anyone care to join me? hehehehe....

The Imperial Chakri Palace KLCC & Chakri Palace Pavilion "Tantalizing Taste of Thailand" Buffett Dinner will be available daily from the 30th of May 2017 onwards. The Buffet menu will be available from 7 P.M. onwards during the holy month of Ramadhan.

Prices & Offers

Imperial Chakri Palace KLCC: 
RM 95.90++ (Adults)
RM 49.90++ (Children)

Chakri Palace Pavilion:
RM 85.90++ (Adults)
RM 42.90++ (Children & Senior Citizens above the age of 60).

Children below the age of 6 dine FREE!

Early bird SPECIALS are available for booking from 10th April till 30th May 2017 only.
(Minimum Dining for 4 Pax only)

Purchase before 30th May 2017 only:

Imperial Chakri Palace KLCC: 
RM 75.90++ (Adults)

Chakri Palace Pavilion:
RM 65.90++ (Adults)


Interested to see what else Chakri Palace has to offer?
Visit them at: 

There's no time to waste, time to grab the offer before it's fully booked i guess. The 30th of May is already around the corner.

For Enquiries or Bookings you may refer to:

Imperial Chakri Palace KLCC:
03 23827788 (KLCC) 

Chakri Palace Pavilion:
03 21431141(Pavilion) 

Alternatively you can contact Chakri Palace at:
016 2277182 


Friday, 21 April 2017

Plastik Sampah Harga Nasi Kandar!

Hari ni aku buang tebiat, keluar sejam awal sedangkan aku hanya mula keje pada jam 7 pagi.

Kononnya nak ride santai lah pergi keje. Hajat aku ak kesampaian bila awan mula menangis... Masa tu aku baru dalan 1km je dari rumah, nak patah balik tak boleh sebab hujan datang dari arah belakang.

Abam pun apa lagi, cabut lah cepat².... Sampai dekat area Setiawangsa memang dh tak boleh lari dah, hujan semakin lebat. Maka terpaksa lah abam berteduh di bawah jambatan. Kononnye nak tunggu hujan reda sikit lah tu, tunggu punya tunggu sampai jam dah menunjukkan pukul 6.40 pagi.


Tiba² terlintas dalam kepala... Eh... Depan tu ada 7e... Beli poncho lah... (Sebab nak cover laptop office je pun).

Abam pun redah lah hujan pegi kat 7e tu. Haaaa! Ada pun poncho... Terus abam sapu 2 sambil memikirkan petang nak jemput Cik AJ balik keje, baju hujan tertinggal...

Memandangkan dah agak lewat, laju² je amik poncho tu (1 biru, 1 pink - utk Cik AJ bukan Abam).

Terus pergi kaunter nak bayar... Abam keluarkan lah duit kecil (dengan konfiden bahawa harga dia masih RM 2-3 je!!). Sekali budak belakang kaunter tu cakap total dia RM11.60....

Terkedu kejap Abam kat situ... Boleh mati terkejut lah kalau Abam lemah jantung... Tapi disebabkan dh lambat Abam pun bayar je lah... Nak buat macam mana kan..

Sambil bukak poncho tu, duk menyumpah jugak... 
"Hampeh betul, plastik sampah ni aku bayar harga Nasi Kandaq!"...
Nak menyesal dah terlambat, jadi redha je lah...

Abam pun terus naik moto menuju ke tempat keje. Kau tau? Tak tau kan?
Jalan depan sikit, naik AKLEH dah reda hujan. Sakit je hati mengenangkan kerugian dipagi hari...

Moral of the story? 
"Sediakan payung sebelum hujan"

Dah lah duit lebur... Pastu sampai tempat keje lambat 10 minit pulak tu.... Erggghhh... Pagi² dah stress....

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Naik Kenderaan Awam Lepas Hampir Sedekad.

Salam Sejahtera & Salam 1Malaysia.

Kalau dalam entri Abam yang sebelum ni Abam cerita pasal trip bajet Abam ke negara jiran, Thailand.

Today, cerita pasal Abam jadi bodoh kayu bila dah hampir sedekad tak naik kenderaan awam. Kenapa?

Haaa... Sebab waktu dalam perjalanan balik dari Thailand, motor Abam breakdown dekat Ladang Bikam arah selatan menghala ke KL. Nasib baik bukan kat negara jiran, kalau tak memang #pishang laaa....

Maka harini Abam terpakse lah naik kenderaan awam. Memang terpinga² lah dibuatnya. Dengan konfiden keluar rumah seawal 5.30 pagi sebab nak kejarkan feeder bus & train yg pertama ke Bangsar, hampir 2 jam menunggu rupanya bas tu dah tak lalu depan rumah. Cisss!!!. 

Abam pun naik lah teksi smpi LRT Sri Rampai. Sampai kat sana dalam pukul 7.30.
Makkk aiihhh... Macam sardin dia punya penuh. Kesudahannya Abam nekad naik Uber je, nahhh amik kau korban RM25 untuk  Uber. Tu pun sampai Office pukul 9 pagi... Urghhhhh.....

Memang terasa macam patah kaki lah bila tak ada transport sendiri ni. 

Nasib baik ada sorang umat ni PM Abam dengan niat nak bagi pinjam motor dia sementara menunggu motor Abam siap. Beliau juga seorang biker otai dan pernah bergelar guru pada Abam satu ketika dulu.

Sumpah terharu tak terkata... Tq Chief!

Sekarang ni Abam dalam perjalanan ke Putrajaya untuk amik motor tu. (Pun satu hal jugak sebab kene naik kenderaan awam lagi... Hahahahaha).

Macam bodoh jugak lah tadi, takut salah tren or salah arah... Syukur semuanye selamat & Abam dah nak sampai Putrajaya dah pun.

Rasanye lepas ni ke gunakan Public Transport sekurang² nya sekali sebulan supaya tak terpinga² macam ni lagi...


P/s: Abam tau banyak entry yang pending sekarang. Abam tau ramai yang tunggu entri trip bajet tu kan... Sabar ye...

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Percutian Bajet 5 Hari 4 Malam Ke Thailand. Boleh Ke Bajet?


Bila sebut pasal CUTI, tentu ramai yang berkata "alaa mahal lah".
Well ni Abam nak bagitau korang yang sebenarnya korang mampu bercuti ke macam² destinasi dengan bajet yang rendah.

Sebagai contoh, Abam akan bercuti di Thailand bermula esok sampai hari Ahad atau Isnin depan. Mesti korang kata PERRRGHHH LAMA TU.... Memang lama pun.... Tapi berapa bajet yang diperuntukkan untuk percutian ni?

Haaa.... yang tu korang kene ikuti lah perkembangan trip terjah Abam nie... Hehehehehe...

Untuk trip Abam kali ni, Abam bercadang nak melawat banyak tempat yang pada abam agak menarik dan tak begitu popular dikalangan pelancong dari Malaysia.
Antaranya merupakan sebuah Tokong dia atas bukit di Hatyai, orang mesti tak tau kan yang sebenarnya berdekatan tokong tu ada port lepak yang korang boleh dapat view seluruh Hatyai dan juga sunset?!.... Terkejut? 
(yang ni nanti abam cerita bila dah hujung² trip nanti)

Destinasi UTAMA Abam untuk trip kali ni adalah Koh Lanta dan Emerald Pool. Apa yang ada disana? 
Apa lagi....... Keindahan alam semula jadi laa...

Koh Lanta merupakan satu pulau peranginan yang pada Abam masih "suci" dan belum dikomersilkan sepenuhnya. Pemandangan dia memang cukup indah. Lagi² bila tempat Abam menginap tu dikatakan hanya 50 meter dari laut.

Emerald Pool pula merupakan sebuah kolam semulajadi yang terletak di Khlong Thom Nuea, di daerah Krabi. Airnya yang jernih dan biru seakan akan emerald menjadi tarikan utama.


Tentang kosnya, kene lah tunggu post mortem trip Abam nanti. Tapi setakat ni apa yang Abam boleh bagitau adalah untuk penginapan di Koh Lanta dan Hatyai selama 5 Hari 4 Malam tu, Abam cuma berbelanja sejumlah RM 208 je..... Murah kan?

Mesti korang ingat abam tido kat hotel hayam kan? hahahaha.... TAK HOKAY!
Nanti Abam tayang gambar bilik semua kat korang ye?

Xsabar nak buat entry seterusnya bila sampai sana nanti...
Stay Tuned tau....

Monday, 10 April 2017

Betul Ke Seluar Jeans Ada Jin?!

Salam Sejahtera & Salam 1 Malaysia.

Korang pernah tak terfikir kalau² seluar jeans yang korang pakai tu sebenarnya terkandung makhluk halus? khususnya "Jin"?

Pada aku soalan tu tak lah pelik sangat sedangkan duit rakyat pun boleh lesap berjuta, inikan pula duit yang kita simpan dalam seluar... HAHAHAHA....

Secara AM nye, Abam masih tergolong dalam suku sakat kaum miskin bandar jadi dah tentu lah abam pun mengalami situasi gawat kadang². Nak dikatakan sampai tak ada duit nak makan tu tidaklah tapi terkadang merasa jugak kekangannye. 

Contoh terdekat adalah abam sendiri, dimana esok abam nak berjalan jauh "ride motor" ke Koh Lanta, Thailand. Waktu tu jugak lah semua benda nak kene buat. Road Tax & Insurance Kereta dan Motor sekali jalan pulak mati. So ofcourse lah abam nak jimat selagi boleh untuk menjayakan trip Abam kan......

Semalam Abam dgn Cik AJ pergi mendobi baju² yang nak dibawa bersama nanti. 
HAAAAAAA.... kat situ lah terjadinya kisah seram dan punca persoalan abam tentang jin tu.

Nak tau kenapa?
Sebab masa nak gi mendobi tu macam biasa kitorang akan cek segala poket yang ada kot² ada tertinggal barang or duit .... mana lah tau kan?

Dalam poket seluar Cik AJ ada duit... bila dah keluarkan semua duit yang ada dalam beberapa seluar jeans Cik AJ tu, ko ghase ada berapa?

RM 39.00 Hokaaayy.... HAHAHAHAHA...
Walaupun tak banyak, kitorang tetap bersyukur Malaysia masih aman.... ehhh.... 

Persoalan abam pasal jin tu masih tak terjawab, dan pada Abam jawapan yang ada pada Abam masih samar² sama ada terkandungnya jin dalan seluar jeans Cik AJ ataupun sebenarnye Cik AJ tu lah jin yang curi duit abam? hehehehehehe... jangan marah naaa....

Maaf ler buang masa korang baca.... :P
p/s: imej ehsan Google sebab abam terdelete gambo semalam... :( 

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