Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Former MotoGP World Champion - Nicky Hayden dies at 35.

2006 MotoGP World Champion - Nicky Hayden dies at age 35 after sustaining cerebral damage caused by a collision whilst cycling. 

Placed in intensive care over the past week, Hayden has finally given up the fight a short while ago.

Truly shocking news for riders & fans alike. The Kentucky Kid is no more. A very talented rider and LEGEND in my books.  

It's sad to see him go at such a young age, with a whole world of possibilities ahead. 
Leaving in such tragic circumstances.

MotoGP will never be the same again without Hayden. I personally have enjoyed every single one of his race's, going head to head with the likes of Valentino Rossi.

Im sure his LEGACY will live on for many years to come.

May your soul ride in peace!

P/s: Just incase you dont know who Nicky Hayden is, find out here:

Also don't find the latest news & confirmation here :

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