Wednesday, 17 May 2017

How To Rock Em' Sandal's Like A Boss...

Every working class adult knows that wearing shoes for long periods of time can be rather uncomfortable at times, especially when the weather outside is humid and you have to do a lot of walking. Your feet get all sweaty and stuff... Urghhh... Yuckk....

It is rather unfortunate that sandals are not always permissible in place like the office and to formal events, nevertheless let me show you how you can "Rock Em' Sandals Like A Boss" so to speak.

Though these feet hugging, breathable marvels of the new world aren't exactly what you would call mainstream.... Here are some ways you can style your look with a pair of sandals and look absolutely fabulous! 

You know how over the weekends we like to hangout with friends of even spending the whole day out and about with the family? 
Sandals are the most comfortable option for such activities as it not only allows your feet to breathe but it also allows you to be comfortable throughout the day.

Why worry about what to wear? Sandals (if chosen wisely) can go with almost anything... 
Just wearing your favourite tee and a pair of khaki shorts would still go well with a pair of leather strap sandals, slap on a cardigan and.........Voila! Simplicity & Perfection
(my personal opinion - no pun intended)

Here are some ideas on how to rock your men sandals

Stepping out for a coffee and movie with some friends but don't know what to wear?
Sneakers and Skinny Jeans are alright, but why the hassle when you can slip into a comfy pair of sandals with the same skinny jeans and a round neck tee. 

After all there's nothing wrong with that right? 

We all want to look our best and literally dress to kill when it comes to a date with the opposite sex, still being image conscious most of us would got for slacks, a dress shirt and some good shoes. 


What if i told you that generally the opposite sex will not fall for you because you dress well!
Women look for things that the naked eye cant see... hahahahahahaha...
Me personally, I love to be myself and wear whatever i want.... 
Let's face it, if she falls for you, it's probably because of who you are and not what you wear!

Wearing a tee and joggers coupled with a pair of single strap sandals would do the trick. You'll look more laid back and relaxed, giving you an advantage because the focus of the evening would be you and not what or how much your outfit is...

So yeah.... as long as you know what sandals suit you and your dressing style, you should have no issues what so ever "Rocking Em' Men Sandals" & being the "Posh Spice" of the Masculine world.

Till next time..... Cheers......


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