Friday, 19 May 2017

Iftar at Verandah Restaurant - Cyberview Resort & Spa.

This year The Verandah Restaurant @ Cyberview Resort & Spa returns with an Iftar Buffet line up of Gastronomical proportions. Amongst the popular favourites are the seafood dishes cooked "Live On The Wok".
Set within a serene tropical garden, your buka puasa dinner is bound to be a very special one. 
Feast on Tiger Prawns, Crab, and a wide selection of fresh fishes such as Patin, Tilapia and Salmon cooked in your choice of Asam Pedas & Masak Tempoyak prepared by Chef Imran and his team of exemplary assistant chefs. 

This is accompanied by a line-up of 23 hawker stall styled "pit-stops" offering Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Mexican cuisine followed by some local favourites.

But...... It doesn't end there....

You are also enticed with Barbequed Prawns, Mussels, Squid, JUMBO Sausages, Chicken Drummets, Beef Fillet & Lamb Cutlets grilled to perfection over a charcoal fire. 

What would "Buka Puasa" be without traditional kampung favourites being amongst the 222 menu items. Showcasing numerous all time favourites such as Masak Lemak and Gulai Kawah where you can choose from a wide selection of Beef, Chicken, Duck, Smoked Fish & Cerithidea obtusa (Siput Sedut / Mud Creeper)

Surprisingly enough, Sushi and Dim Sum was also served fresh on the spot.... 
I was a happy child ;-)) Right next to the dim sum was the sotong kangkung stall and tauhu bakar stall.

Your little ones will also enjoy their time at the Verandah as they have a "Kidz Zone" especially for them. Featuring a Chocolate Fountain, a selection of Soft Ice Cream (and some that are mind boggling as well - I'll show you later), Popcorn, a Candy Counter accompanied by Cakes and Cookies. 

The Verandah has it's own children's playground where parents can sit back and enjoy their meal without having to worry about their kids as the playground is within viewing distance.

Remember i said there were some mind boggling ice creams?

Well.... Whilst i was minding my own business waiting in line to have a go at their "dim sum", out came the F&B Manager and whispered to me that i should try their "Chicken Rendang" ice cream before i left...
Say What?!!?!?! 
YES!  you heard me.... CHICKEN RENDANG ICE CREAM! Believe it!

The food was TASTY and somewhat exotic to say the least, i enjoyed it so much that i could hardly walk when the day was over. HAHAHA...

Here are a few of my local (kampung) favourites...

The local cuisine coupled with some authentic and exotic dishes will certainly keep your pallett begging for more.

That being said, the price point of the Ramadhan Buffet at the Verandah, Cyberview Resort is definitely worth it.

Here are the details of the Ramadhan Buffet Prices at The Verandah.


Ramadhan Buffet @ Verandah, Cyberview Resort & Spa

Monday - Friday
RM 138 (Adult)
RM 100 (Children)

Saturday & Sunday
RM 100 (Adult)

Address :
The Lodge, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 7,
63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor.

Contact :
03-8312 7091
03-8312 7092


To be honest, I cant wait for the start of Ramadhan because of the buffet spread at The Verandah..... Definitely a MUST TRY!!!

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