Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Experience The Magic @ Avatar Secret Garden, Penang!

Last week, in conjunction with the Hari Raya holidays a few friends and I decided to go on a road trip.
Comprising of numerous destinations. The first of which was the Island of Penang. 
It's been quite some time since my last visit, so much has changed... 
Penang looks so modern these days, I almost mistook it for KL. Lol...

Without any plans thought up, we basically winged it... If we saw something interesting or googled somewhere interesting POOOFFFF... That's where we went.
Whenever in Penang, Nasi Kandar Line Clear and Hard Rock Cafe Penang would be the most common spots for people to visit. 

This time round, we visited neither of these.
Instead we took a drive to Thai Pak Koong Temple situated in Tanjong Tokong

Why were we visiting a temple during Hari Raya you ask? 
Well we weren't visiting the temple per-say, but what lies within the temple grounds.


Nestled amidst this Buddhist temple, lies an attraction not known to many. A beautifully lit garden that looks like the Tree of Life from the movie Avatar. 
It's like entering a gateway to a different world. I was awestruck by magnificent beauty of the Tree and the surrounding lights.

You could in all honesty just sit there starring at the lights for hours. It's simply mesmerizing. Unfortunately we went there a little late the 1st night so we didn't get to stay long.

Note: *Be there early as they close at 11.45 pm. Literally all the lights are switched of at 11.45 pm sharp.
*Parking within the temple compound is permitted at a charge of only RM 3 only.
*Parking anywhere else outside of the temple or its surrounding area is charged upwards of RM 5.

The next day we decided to go there again, this time with a fully loaded camera, and action camera and fully charged mobile phones.. hahahaha... #camwhoremodeon

Here are some of the photo's that were taken there. 


Did you like it?

I sure did! Cant wait to go there again...
What's your excuse? Get packing now... hehehe...

P/s: Versi bahasa melayu DISINI ...

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