Thursday, 28 September 2017

Edu-Tourism Camp by UM Cares - Introduction

A week or so ago, I was privileged to join an Edu-Tourism Camp facilitated by University Malaya. The programme which was developed by a subsidiary body called UM Cares aims to provide a totally new outlook on Eco-Tourism in Malaysia.

What is the difference between the two you may ask?
Ecotourism - tourism directed toward exotic, often threatened, natural environments, especially to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife.
EdutourismRecreational travel undertaken undertaken solely or partially for the purpose of study, self improvement or intellectual stimulation. 

In a nutshell what Edutourism means is enjoying nature from an educational perspective. Learning about our ecosystem and how every bit of flora and fauna has its own purpose.

The UM Tropical Familiarization Camp as it is called consists of a 3 days 2 nights stay at their Outdoor Research Facility and surrounding wilderness. The facility which is situated within the Selangor State Forest Reserve may not be your idea of "Bear Grills - Into The Wild" but I can assure you that it is a truly eye-opening experience.

Through out the 3 days we were not only given tasks to do along with some classroom sessions, there were also many fun yet educational activities scheduled. Here's a breakdown of what to expect during the camp. 

Biodiversity : Frogging, Animal Trapping, Stream Sampling & Survival Walk.
Indigenous Culture: Sewang Dance Show & Tell, Arts & Crafts and Blow Piping.
Extreme Sports: Waterfall Abseiling, Flying Fox, Zip Line and Archery War.

Below is a sample Itinerary:

UM Tropical Camp
Day 1.
09.00 am             Pendaftaran
09.15 am             Ice-breaking 
09.30 am              Guided Walk di Rimba Ilmu
10.30 am             Aktiviti Explorace
11.30 am              Lawatan ke Dewan Tengku Canselor (DTC)
12.30 pm             Makan tengahari & pengurusan diri
02.30 pm             Bertolak ke Ulu Gombak
03.30 pm             Persembahan “Sewang” oleh penduduk Orang Asli Gombak
04.30 pm             Permainan tradisional Orang Asli – Menyumpit 
05.00 pm             Pembuatan kraftangan tradisional Orang Asli
06.00 pm             Makan malam
08.00 pm             Frogging
10.00 pm             Mist net 
11.00 pm             Tamat hari pertama

Day 2
07.00 am             Observasi  haiwan pada mist net
08.00 am             Sarapan
08.30 am             Pemasangan cage trap dan pitfall trap
10.30 am             Archery war
12.00 pm             Makan Tengahari
02.00 pm             Stream sampling
04.30 pm             Minum petang
05.00 pm             Ecological plotting          
05.30 pm             Observasi cage trap dan pitfall trap
06.30 pm             Ekspedisi Sungai Pisang 
08.30 pm             Sesi BBQ  di Sungai Pisang
10.00 pm             Bermalam di Sungai Pisang

Day 3
07.30 am             Sarapan 
08.00 am             -Abseiling
                            -Flying Fox
1.00 pm               Rehat
2.00 pm               -Abseiling
                            -Flying Fox
5.00 pm                Program tamat. Bertolak ke Universiti Malaya 

It's a pretty packed schedule if you ask me, but it is well worth your time and energy. I certainly enjoyed my time there and definitely gained an abundance of knowledge throughout. I will be writing my take on the events and activities that took place during the camp, so stay tuned for more.

P/S: At the end of this series i'll share the entire package cost and a list of travel partners that you may acquire such packages from.

Till then...

Jean Gallyot out....

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