Friday, 1 September 2017


2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship's Riders Faces Challenging Opening Track

NAKHON CHAI SI, THAILAND, 1 SEPTEMBER 2017 – With less than 24 hours away from the curtain raiser of the 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship at the Thailand Circuit Motorsport Complex, Nakhon Chai Si, contending riders across 15 countries will face the most challenging circuit ever developed. Standing at a length of 1.4-kilometres, the track will be divided into a 4:6 ratio of dirt and tarmac.

Riders will peak a high speed of up to 120kmph at multiple long straights on the tarmac, especially before the finish line. However, the multiple hairpin turns on the track will test their skills in balancing and sliding, while maintaining their pace for the ultimate trophy.

The treacherous off-road section that spans a total of 540-metres will be the turning point for every rider. Eight whoops, a table top and a swivel before the final turn to a high-speed tarmac will be the real test of transition between the tarmac and off-road. Casing in any of the jumps might end the road to the championship title with a yard sale. Moreover, rider with the holeshot will stand a chance and be advantageous in the race.

“Riders and fans have always sought for excitement in this championship. Our increment in challenges and standards will play a pivotal role in enhancing the riders’ skills and ability to adapt in different circuits. Nevertheless, all safety elements were taken into consideration during the design of the track,” said Satheswaran Mayachandran, CEO of Asia Supersports Group.

For more information, visit Global live stream available on powered by E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd.

FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship is promoted by Asia Supersports Group, a consortium of three companies namely Bikenation Motorsports Sdn Bhd, Trade My Superbike and E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd; sanctioned by FIM Asia and FMSCT; and supported by Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (an agency under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia), Malay Mail, Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari and TX Sports.

Full Riders’ List:

CountryNameBike No.
United KingdomLewis Cornish8
NetherlandsMarcel Van Drunen17
MalaysiaMuhd Habibullah1
MalaysiaKhairy Zakaria32
TaiwanLin Chin Pei720
TaiwanLee Wei40
SingaporeHasroy Osman77
IndonesiaPedro Wuner7
IndonesiaFarhan Hendro162
RussiaArtem Teslenko97
PhilippinesKenneth San Andres 
ChinaSun Tong27
JapanTakashi Sasaki101
JapanNaoto Takayama300
Hong KongTsang Wai Kei102
ThailandTrakarn Thangthong5

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