Monday, 30 October 2017

Taman Warisan Pertanian - A Treasure Trove In The Heart Of Putrajaya!

When we hear the name Putrajaya, many of us associate it with Government Buildings and Futuristic Structures like the Millenium Monument or The Iron Mosque which are marvels in their own right. As for nature on the other hand, we most commonly recall the Floria Festival which is held as an annual event in and around the Putrajaya Lake.
These are about as much as the general public knows about Putrajaya (unless you live and work there. haha) aside from the recently talked about Food Truck / Street Dining Area.

What if I told you that there is more to Putrajaya than meets the eye?
Something I too have only just discovered over the weekend.

The Place I am referring to is the Taman Warisan Pertanian or Agricultural Heritage Park nestled amidst a 35 acre estate in Precinct 16. I'm very sure you haven't heard of it or even known of its existence right? To be honest, neither did I.

The Heritage Park boast several Orchards, A Rubber Plantation and Research Center, A Tea Plantation, A Spice Trail a Visitors Complex that offers a myriad of Malaysian Traditional Cuisine.

The Visitor Center and F&B Area.

My fellow bloggers and I from Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari were invited to experience first hand what this (undiscovered by many) Heritage Park had to offer. 
I was up bright and early on Saturday, filled with excitement as I have never seen or heard of this place before.

Getting ourselves registered.

Looking all excited... Yippie...

After a brief registration and introduction to the Heritage Parks curators and staff members, we were off on our journey into Agricultural Heaven! 

A brief ride in the park's buggy brought us to pit stop number one, atop a hill with the sun scorching our cheeks and a killer view of Putrajaya. 
Why did we stop? What was there?

I stood in awe as we were greeted by an approximately 10' by 10' paddy field that was accompanied by a patch of muddy water that housed some catfish!!!

Our guide for the day.
Since the Putrajaya Heritage Park is inclined to being an Edu-Tourism park, our first task was to learn to catch catfish. Two volunteers were chosen for this task and they managed to catch a total of 5 fishes together, (Now I know I'll never go hungry if I'm around them. LOL).

Enough fishy business for now, our next stop was the Orchards which was something that I personally was waiting for. How I miss being able to pluck fresh fruits and gobbling them down.
My late grandmother had several fruit trees around her old "kampung" house in Malacca.


Kedondong as it's known in Malaysia - Spondias dulcis (Ambarella)

Asam Gelugor - Garcinia atroviridis

Beruas - Garcinia hombroniana

It's look and texture is similar to that of a Mangosteen
These are just a handful of the many varieties of fruits planted here, there are Durians, Jackfruit, Mata Kucing and Jambu Air (Water Apple) and many others.

Wait... we aren't going to eat them yet...
We still haven't talked about the Rubber plantation yet. 

The plantation is said to be part of the ORIGINAL Prang Besar Estate which existed long before the idea of Putrajaya was conceived. Hence these rather untouched rubber trees are the original dwellers of the hill.
Showcased here are 71 of the PB or Prang Besar clone species which originally acted as a point of reference for rubber research.

Here, you are taught how to tap a rubber tree and also how rubber is processed.

After a tiring walk uphill and a lesson in rubber taping and processing, we were treated to some freshly harvested fruits from the orchards which we were more than happy to try. (Yes... I'm an Omnomnomnivor)...

Fruits aren't the only things planted in this vast expanse of land, they also have Long Jack, Torch Ginger, Tea, Palm Oil, Black Pepper, Coffee and Cocoa. 


Everyones favourite - Coffee (Arabica)

Black Pepper
That brings us to the end of the tour today folks... 
Hahahaha... Just kidding...

Next up was a demonstration by some local producers of "Madu Kelulut". Madu is Honey and Kelulut is the local name from "stingless bees". Madu Kelulut is said to have many medicinal properties though I wont be able to confirm it. I must say however that freshly harvested honey DOES NOT taste sweet at all, so when purchasing honey be very careful not to be fooled.

After all the stuff we did here, I somehow feel quite accomplished knowing that this has acted as a refresher to my childhood and life in a Kampung. Many kids these days lack the experience and knowledge of mother nature and how it has provided for use over the centuries.

People in general today, focus on the not so important things in life like technology. So much so that, we as human beings are losing touch with our origins.

If you feel in any way the same as me, I would suggest getting to know more about Taman Warisan Pertanian Putrajaya and what else they have to offer. No long trips required to teach your children a thing or two, it's right here!

Taking in the MAGNIFICENT view before we left!

Price and Details:

Operation Hours:
8.30am - 5.30pm
Everyday including Public Holidays.

Entrance Fees:

Malaysian Citizens:

Rm9.50 (Children)

P/S: That's a reasonable price to pay for such a priceless experience for you and you kids...

You may also contact Taman Warisan Putrajaya at:

+603 8893 1967 (Headquarters)
+603 8888 2722 (The Park)


Social Media:

Thursday, 26 October 2017

What Halal And Halal Certification Means - My Perspective.

Coming from a truly 1 Malaysia family background, I have at a very early age been exposed to the cultures and beliefs of other races and religions. How? Well to start things of, I am a Malaysian of French, Siamese, German and Portuguese decent... Very Mat Salleh right? haha... so where does the 1Malaysia part come into play.

My Family (a fairly large one at that) has a history and long line of mixed marriages and i mean really mixed. I have uncles and aunts that are Indian, Chinese, Pakistani, Malay, Javanese and so on... So by now i'm sure, like me you are also quite confused. Lol...

Being around and growing up with cousins of different faiths and beliefs has taught me one thing, that is to respect each equally (when it comes to the do's and dont's especially). As i grew up my friends were of all races but Malay's or Muslims were the larger group. Long story short, I learnt very early on that my fellow Muslim friends could not touch a dog, eat pork or consume alcohol as this was deemed "haram" in their faith.

Confusing? Not quite... As the saying goes "to each their own", as an example Indians do not consume Beef as they consider the cow to be a sacred animal so the thought of "Halal" and "Haram" does not only apply to the largely Muslim population here in Malaysia, it in some way or another applies to all walks of life.

When it comes to choosing food, many of us tend to look at the state of the eatery or restaurant before actually dining there... Correct?

Here's what "halal" means in a nutshell - Whatever food or consumables that are offered / sold have gone through a stringent process of properly slaughtering and cleaning before it hits the shelves, counters or table. This in it self provides you with a peace of mind knowing that if the eatery is "Halal" certified then not only is the food safe to eat but it also means that the handling and preparation is also "clean" and you will not have the feeling of "waswas" or a feeling of doubt.

The same goes when it comes to personal care products like shampoos, facial wash, perfumes, make-up etc. If you are already like me when it comes to food, why shouldn't the same apply when purchasing these products?

My personal view is that a "halal" certification or accreditation on health & beauty products in particular is a win-win situation for the manufacturer and end user.
Simply because as a consumer i would love to be able to buy a product, not having to worry about it's contents and their origins.
We are all aware that generally halal products emphasize on the usage of almost all natural ingredients hence reducing the risk of infection, irritation and other side-effects.

As a manufacturer on the other hand, I would love to be able to market my product to a wider market other then in my own country. Take China as an example... I know, We know, Everybody knows that most things these days are manufactured in China no matter where the actually mother company is located. hahaha...

Imagine this if you will, you manufacture a product or products that do not necessarily use or contain banned or non-permissible substances but you are not accredited with a halal certification from JAKIM.
This not only decreases you chances of growth into foreign Muslim countries, it also limits your presence in the local market as well.
That being said, wouldn't the manufacturer be able to gain a greater presence in the local & international market to sell his/her products if they were certified "halal"?

Malaysia being a largely Muslim country, puts high expectations in the quality of products and its certification. This in turn does not only apply to the Muslim population, but to ourselves as well.

A few recommendations based on my own personal experience are products manufactured by our very own Malaysian companies, namely Asianic and Cosmoderm. They have a wide range of products to choose from and most importantly they are certified "halal".

In summary or to be put simply - What "halal" means to me:

- Trusted.
- Certified.
- Clean.
- Natural.
- Gives me a peace of mind.
- Care free experience.

See.... Now that wasn't so hard to understand was it?
Understanding something is not always rocket science, it is most often common sense.

Cheers.... Have a good one.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Dah Ke Belum?

Dah ke Belum?
Haa... Abam dah... Korang bila lagi?

Abam sekarang berada di The Royal Belum Rainforest yang terletak di Tasik Banding, iaitu antara tasik buatan manusia yang terbesar.

Di sini terdapat dua hutan atau kawasan yang dipelihara oleh dua badan / entiti berasingan iaitu Gerik Forest Reserve & Royal Belum.
Royal Belum Rainforest sangat terkenal dengan  kekayaan Bio-Diversitinya.

Korang tau tak? Belum Rainforest ni merupakan habitat kepada 10 spesis Enggang (Hornbill), 3 spesis Rafflesia, 14 spesis haiwan terancam dan lebih 3000 spesis flora & fauna...

Royal Belum juga sangat terkenal dikalangan "bird watcher" kerana di sini terdapat beberapa spesis burung yang "rare" antaranya hornbill, kingfisher & grey fish eagle.

Royal Belum ni juga mempunyai rahsia² tersembunyi tau?!...

Terdapat dua air terjun yang menarik di sini iaitu air terjun Sungai Kooi dan juga air terjun Sungai Ruok, dimana salah satunya merupakan pusat konservasi ikan kelah.

Abam juga berpeluang menziarahi satu perkampungan orang asli yang terletak di pulau banding ni. Malangnya, disebabkan faktor usia, abam tak ingat nama kampung tersebut. Hahaha.

Menurut guide kami, terdapat dua suku kaum di pulau banding iaitu suku kaum Jahai dan Temia. Kami juga difahamkan yang kaum Temia ni lebih moden jika dibandingkan dengan kaum Jahai.

Sebab utama yang dapat dilihat adalah dari segi cara hidup mereka. Kaum Temia dah pun berinteraksi dengan dunia luar dan anak² mereka juga diberikan persekolahan.

Kaum Jahai pula bersifat nomad dimana mereka berpindah dari satu tempat ke satu tempat. Menurut guide kitorang, kaum Jahai ni berasal dari Filipina!

Jauh weyh dorang merantau...

Banyak lagi sebenarnya pengalaman abam dekat Royal Belum ni. Tapi kalau nak cerita kat sini memang panjang berjela² lah..

Apa kata korang datang experience sendiri! Pengalaman macam ni lah yang mendewasakan minda kita, betul tak?

Untuk maklumat lanjut, korang boleh refer kepada:

Friday, 13 October 2017

Jimat Masa & Duit Dengan Shaves2U!

Selamat Sejahtera & Salam 1Malaysia.

Salah satu masalah bagi orang² macam Abam ni ialah "facial hair" a.k.a. misai dan jambang yang tumbuh dengan kadar yang sangat cepat! Dah macam Rabbit dah dia punya membiak. hahahaha...

Selalunya Abam akan mencukur 2 hari sekali sebab kalau tinggal seminggu confirm dah nampak macam "Chewbacca" dari Filem Star Wars! (Ni haaa... mamat bawah nie).

Masalahnya setiap kali Abam cukur, mesti luka sana sini sebab walaupun beli & pakai pisau cukur yang BRANDED & MAHAL ianya tetap akan tumpul kalau dah selalu sangat guna.
Tambahan dengan nak kene cukur macam² angle lagi memang settle lah pisau cukur tu dalam masa 2 minggu jer.

Nak dijadikan cerita, tempoh hari Abam teman Cik AJ pergi ke Jakel Mall sebab mak cik ni nak beli kain labucci bagai... (kurlas ko jah!). Lepas dah settle beli kain, kitorang pergi minum dekat kedai mamak berhadapan Jakel tu. Tengah minum tiba² Cik AJ kata dia nak masuk balik Jakel sebab terrr-berkenan dekat kain bling² warna biru ngan hijau pulak. #abamredha .

Masa dia takde and Abam duduk sorang² kat situ, datang lah satu salesman nie, terus terjah meja Abam. Sebab abam nampak macam foreigner kot (chewahhh). Dia bagi risalah kat Abam and tanya berapa kali Abam shave seminggu dan juga brand apa yang Abam pakai. Abam pun jawab lah bran Schick dan Abam shave setiap 2 hari.

"Wahhh.... Banyak laju you punya janggut tumbuh... You ada letak baja ke?"

Konghajaq punya cina... hahahaha...

Anyway, Abam pun layankan je lah sebab dah tak dan nak lari (barang² Cik AJ semua dia tinggal kat situ). Budak Cina ni pun bercerita lah pasal produk dia ni, mula² tu memang tak berkenan pun dengan barang tu, tapi bila dia dah bagi explaination and tunjuk produk tu..... Abam tengok macam best and berbaloi jer.

Awesome Shave Kit - MYR 109.00 shj!
Isi Kandungan Awesome Shave Kit:
1. Stainless Steel Surdy Handle
2.1 Set Ceramic Coated 5 Blade (ada 4)
3. 1 Set Ceramic Coated 3 Blade (ada 4)
4. 1 Tube Cooling Shave Cream
5. 1 Tube Soothing After Shave Cream

Awesome Shave Kit ni yang dia recommend dekat Abam, tapi disebabkan Abam dah ada shaving cream dengan After Shave yang lain, Abam cuma berkenan dengan shaver dia jer.
Tau kenapa? Sebab dia ada option untuk 3 blade, 5 blade atau 6 blade. Gempak weyh!

Kalau korang kira balik, set ni sangat berbaloi.
Bayangkan MYR 109.00 korang tu, bahagi dengan 12 bulan baru MYR 9.08 je sebulan!

Abam difahamkan bahawa setiap blade dalam set ni adalah Cerami Coated dan mampu bertahan 3x lebih lama dari blade biasa, dianggarkan jangka hayat setiap blade dalam lingkungan 3 bulan (kalau shave 2 hari sekali).

Set yang Abam beli kira set UPGRADE sikit lah sebab starter pack asal dia hanyalah MYR 18.00.

MYR 18.00 je untuk starter pack ni.
1. Sturdy Handle (1)
2. 3 Blade Razor (1)
3. 5 Blade Razor (1)
Abam tak minat yang 3 Blade sebab shave tak cukup licin, jadi Abam pilih 5 Blade dengan Sturdy Handle model terbaru. Handle ni membolehkan korang shave setiap angle dengan senang sebab kepala dia bolaeh rotate hampir 360͒ ...

Harga keseluruhan set yang Abam beli ni MYR 58.00, masih lagi murah kalau dibandingkan dengan shaver lain dalam pasaran sekarang contohnya Gilette dengan Schick. Paling best adalah trim blade pada bahagian atas shaver tu, korang boleh gunakan untuk trim rambut halus pada muka dan sekeliling bibir. AWESOME KAN?!

Buat pertama kali Abam shave tanpa melukakan muka!!! selalunya mesti terkena pada jerawat dan sebagainya. Take note ini FIRST TIME yer shave tanpa LUKA! and Abam dah start shave sejak umur 13 - 14 tahun. Masa yang diambil untuk shave pun hanya dalam 5-8 minit berbanding dulu hampir 20 minit.

Sekarang dah boleh katakan bye² pada semua shaver² yang lain... hahahaha...

Shaves2U bukan saja menawarkan shaver untuk lelaki sahaja malah untuk wanita pun ada, warna PINK lagi tau!
Kalau korang berminat nak mencuba produk ni, korang boleh beli online je melalui laman sesawang dorang ataupun melalui social media Shaves2U ni.

Mereka juga menyediakan after sales service bagi mereka yang nak order blade, shaver dan sebagainya. Sturdy handle juga didatangkan dengan jaminan "TIDAK AKAN ROSAK" dan kalu rosak, boleh berhubung dengan Shaves2U untuk menganti handle tersebut.

Semoga perkongsian Abam ni bermanfaat pada korang semua yer. #Abamcubajer

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