Wednesday, 11 October 2017

StartIoT - Reinvent Your Future

The 7th of October bore witness to a very important milestone in the Malaysian Technology Industry as REKA Initiative with the support of Telekom Malaysia RE held an inauguration ceremony & workshop called #StartIoT. The workshop which has a duration of  3 months from October to December aims to help engineering students, local SME's and both entrepreneurs and technopreneurs gain a better understanding about IoT as well as how to get started with the Internet of Things.

#StartIoT in a nutshell means Start-up or Starting-up in the IoT (Internet of Things) Industry. 
What on earth does this mean? 
Well to put it simply, IoT is a form interaction between things such as objects and instruments both digital and mechanical by allowing these things to send and receive data wirelessly without the need for human intervention.

One of the most common examples of IoT in our daily lives today are those cute little IP Camera's that we use to watch over our home's while we are away. It allows you not only to view remotely but you are also able to send instructions to it via your mobile phone. As an example, you are can remotely pan, zoom and rotate the IP Camera by sending data packets via your network. Imagine if you will, the ability to control the lights, fan, AC and all other electronic devices within your home. Wouldn't that be great?!

Remember when Ford came out with the new Ford Focus concept in the UK? The car that boasted it's ability to self-park. Well, it is no longer a thing of the future! REKA Initiative has done one better by enabling a car to drive itself from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur with the assistance and use of IoT. SIMPILY AMAZING!

REKA believes that IoT isn't just about self driving cars and connected homes. It's aim is to nurture the potential of IoT in the Healthcare and Agriculture industry, thus creating a better future for all Malaysians.
Telekom Malaysia too has embarked on it's IoT journey by establishing a scientific and innovative society aimed at educating on the subject of IoT named TM RE:

From left: Dr Syed Mohamad Jamalullil Bilfagih, AGM Business Technical, Group Digital Centre, Muhammad Haziq Faris Hasnol, CEO of REKA Inisiatif, Mohd Yuzairin bin Md Yunus President of ImBig, Nik Muhammad Amin CEO of Moovby Mobility, Prof Datuk Dr Khairuddin Ab Hamid, Vice Chancellor, University Malaysia of Computer Science and Engineering (UniMY) and Dr. Rezal Khairi Ahmad CEO of NanoMalaysia Berhad

In line with the governments initiative towards promoting new industries and making Malaysia a regional hub for IoT, REKA has partnered with RE: to achieve the goal of sharing the knowledge of IoT to all Malaysians yearly via #StartIoT. 

The CEO of REKA Initiative, Muhammad Haziq Faris Hasnol
In his keynote address, Muhammad Haziq Faris Hasnol, the CEO of REKA Initiative said "With this workshop, we are able to witness potential makers / creators from across Malaysia creating new innovations and technology"

Still don't quite understand what IoT is and what it's applications are in our daily life? Don't worry, here's a the full length video that was recorded live during the event at #TMCC for the launch of #StartIoT. Enjoy !

Here are some photos from first ever #StartIoT. 
The crowd was overwhelming to say the least. The amount of supports shown by members of the tech community was astounding and the queue to sign-up for the upcoming workshop was immense.

If you or anyone you know is or may be interested in following the workshop or trying to gain more insightful information on IoT, you may refer to the following:

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  1. Thank you for the info! Nak join la workshop boleh buat tracker device pakwe hilang .haha


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