Thursday, 26 October 2017

What Halal And Halal Certification Means - My Perspective.

Coming from a truly 1 Malaysia family background, I have at a very early age been exposed to the cultures and beliefs of other races and religions. How? Well to start things of, I am a Malaysian of French, Siamese, German and Portuguese decent... Very Mat Salleh right? haha... so where does the 1Malaysia part come into play.

My Family (a fairly large one at that) has a history and long line of mixed marriages and i mean really mixed. I have uncles and aunts that are Indian, Chinese, Pakistani, Malay, Javanese and so on... So by now i'm sure, like me you are also quite confused. Lol...

Being around and growing up with cousins of different faiths and beliefs has taught me one thing, that is to respect each equally (when it comes to the do's and dont's especially). As i grew up my friends were of all races but Malay's or Muslims were the larger group. Long story short, I learnt very early on that my fellow Muslim friends could not touch a dog, eat pork or consume alcohol as this was deemed "haram" in their faith.

Confusing? Not quite... As the saying goes "to each their own", as an example Indians do not consume Beef as they consider the cow to be a sacred animal so the thought of "Halal" and "Haram" does not only apply to the largely Muslim population here in Malaysia, it in some way or another applies to all walks of life.

When it comes to choosing food, many of us tend to look at the state of the eatery or restaurant before actually dining there... Correct?

Here's what "halal" means in a nutshell - Whatever food or consumables that are offered / sold have gone through a stringent process of properly slaughtering and cleaning before it hits the shelves, counters or table. This in it self provides you with a peace of mind knowing that if the eatery is "Halal" certified then not only is the food safe to eat but it also means that the handling and preparation is also "clean" and you will not have the feeling of "waswas" or a feeling of doubt.

The same goes when it comes to personal care products like shampoos, facial wash, perfumes, make-up etc. If you are already like me when it comes to food, why shouldn't the same apply when purchasing these products?

My personal view is that a "halal" certification or accreditation on health & beauty products in particular is a win-win situation for the manufacturer and end user.
Simply because as a consumer i would love to be able to buy a product, not having to worry about it's contents and their origins.
We are all aware that generally halal products emphasize on the usage of almost all natural ingredients hence reducing the risk of infection, irritation and other side-effects.

As a manufacturer on the other hand, I would love to be able to market my product to a wider market other then in my own country. Take China as an example... I know, We know, Everybody knows that most things these days are manufactured in China no matter where the actually mother company is located. hahaha...

Imagine this if you will, you manufacture a product or products that do not necessarily use or contain banned or non-permissible substances but you are not accredited with a halal certification from JAKIM.
This not only decreases you chances of growth into foreign Muslim countries, it also limits your presence in the local market as well.
That being said, wouldn't the manufacturer be able to gain a greater presence in the local & international market to sell his/her products if they were certified "halal"?

Malaysia being a largely Muslim country, puts high expectations in the quality of products and its certification. This in turn does not only apply to the Muslim population, but to ourselves as well.

A few recommendations based on my own personal experience are products manufactured by our very own Malaysian companies, namely Asianic and Cosmoderm. They have a wide range of products to choose from and most importantly they are certified "halal".

In summary or to be put simply - What "halal" means to me:

- Trusted.
- Certified.
- Clean.
- Natural.
- Gives me a peace of mind.
- Care free experience.

See.... Now that wasn't so hard to understand was it?
Understanding something is not always rocket science, it is most often common sense.

Cheers.... Have a good one.


  1. Funny part family tu. Mmg omputih abeh ye.. ptt flawless. Eh. Btw, good info.

  2. Nicely written Jean. Hopefully our other fellow non Muslim friends would see it the way you do. Thank you for this..

    1. Most welcome... All there is too it is a little understanding. Plain and simple. :)

  3. Halal is not just for muslims, but its good for everyone too.

  4. first time baca penulisan english sampai habis..good info

  5. Yup..common sense...yg common ni la terkadang blh jadi isu dah pergaduhan...hehehe...sbb ada sbb diperdebatkan bersama kengkawan opis...huhuhu...nice sharing bro !!

  6. Good info, halal not only the slaughtering part, but the whole processes are counted.

  7. Satu penulisan santai tentang halal.. kekadang masih ramai lagi orang di luar sana yang confius mengenai status Halal.. Terima kasih atas penulisan ini..

  8. Penulisan yang menarik, lepas ni harap lebih ramai yang ambil tahu pasal status halal.

  9. Good infor Jean, thanks for sharing your thoughts

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