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A Day In The Life Of A Naval Officer - A Day With The Royal Malaysian Navy.

As a child I had always dreamed of joining the Malaysian Armed Forces, regardless of weather it was Army, Air Force or the Navy. Unfortunately as the saying goes, "God knows best". So those dreams never did materialize. 

I'm proud to still be wearing a uniform in a totally different scope of duty. #MCDF rocks!!!

Anyway, about a week or so ago...

I received an invite to join the Royal Malaysian Navy - Day with the Media event. 
This event was held by the Royal Malaysian Navy to create an awareness about the life and duties of a Naval Officer.

Today we were going to be the first few people to set foot on the Navy's brand new state of the art training vessel, The "Kapal Latihan GAGAH SAMUDERA 271" !!!. This vessel is not only state of the art but it is also the first Naval Ship to be commissioned to fulfill the Navy's and Naval Officers training at sea.

GAGAH SAMUDERA was delivered to the Royal Malaysian Navy on the 1st of March 2017 and has already completed is Sea Worthy / Readiness course from the 30th of March till the 5th of May this year. This means that GAGAH SAMUDERA is ready to be put into active duty.

A Brief Overview of Kapal Latihan GAGAH SAMUDERA 271.

- The Ship spans 75.9 Meters from end to end.
- Weighs in a a whopping 1366 metric tonnes
- Is equipped with a Helipad
- KLGS is also capable of travelling 2500 nautical miles non stop at a pace of 12 knots or 14 days.

She also houses 45 crew members comprising of 8 Officers and 37 Crew members, as well as being able to accommodate an additional 60 recruits and 10 Training Officers.

What amazes me the most is the fact that this quaint training vessel is fully loaded with state of the art radar (Kelvin Hughes Sharp Eye S & X Band), navigation and communications as well as combat systems such as the MSI 30mm Cannon and close range combat firepower. It's simply jaw dropping!!!!

So what's it like being on a Naval Vessel for the first time? Well all i can say is this, If you ever have the opportunity to board one of these gentle giants of the sea.... DO NOT MISS IT!!!.
It's a once in a lifetime experience that serve as an eye opener into the lives of those we put trust in to ensure the safety of our country.

Over the years there has been a sort of STIGMA surrounding the Royal Malaysian Navy due to unruly remarks made by citizens regarding the Navy's duties and whereabouts during times of distress. Believe me, as the saying goes "empty vessels make the most noise".

My Personal Experience and Insight whilst aboard Kapal Latihan GAGAH SAMUDERA was AWESOME!!!!

Being able to sail with the men and women in white is not something that happens everyday, so obviously i was stoked. Aboard the vessel we were allowed full access to throughout the entire ship including the Command Deck. Whilst there we were introduced to their equipment and given a sneak peek into their revolutionary new radar and combat systems.

Watching each and every person on deck diligently carrying out their task was epic! The level of concentration and communication between them was out of this world (considering they had people from the media hovering around every corner).

Part of the days event was specifically to shed light on their routine (which is carried out on a daily basis) to ensure that each and everyone on board is ready for any circumstances that may arise while at sea.

One of the exercises  carried out was the Flood and / or Fire Readiness drill which is carried out at least twice daily (once during the day, and once during the night). This exercise is simulated with different scenarios with the aim to ensure every fire break out or hull breach can be isolated, contained and overcome within the shortest period of time.

Later that day we privileged to witness an emergency supply transfer between Kapal Latihan GAGAH SAMUDERA and Kapal Diraja LEDANG !

This joint exercise is one that is normally carried out at sea to aid or replenish goods aboard a partner vessel. You would think that this meant that both Navy vessels would be parked in the middle of the ocean whilst it's carried out right?


They literally  sail side by side while the entire exercise is being carried out! Talk about having great coordination. What's even more astounding is that they are able to communicate with the use of flags that signify morse code.

Wheeeewwww..... that was exhilarating .....

Just as i thought all the hype and excitement had ended, we were then brought down to the helo deck for a chance to handle some firearms.... HELL YEAHHH!!! I havent shot a gun in more than 7 years so of course I was super duper pumped with adrenaline.

These BIG BOY TOYS as i call them were the infamous Carbine M4 and the H&K P30.
Here's a brief rundown of what these are for those of your who dont know a thing about fire arms.

Carbine M4 :
- The Carbine M4 is the little brother of the M16 (shorter and lighter)
- Has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds
- Capable of mounting a M203 or M320 grenade launcher
- Has an effective range of 500meters with its 5.56mmx45mm Nato rounds. 

Heckler & Koch P30 :
- More widely used by the armed forces now compared to it's predecessor the Glock
- Magazine capacity of between 10 - 15 rounds depending on variant
- Has an effective range of about 50 meters

So yeah.... now you know...

I have shot firearms before but nothing prepared me for the kickback that came from the tiny beast (H&K P30), the first round that was fire almost caused the gun to hit me in the head! LOL!...

Such was the story of this Kementah Reject (ME! Hahaha...)

As the day drew to a close we decided to take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy it while it lasted. The Officers, Crew and everyone on board were a crazy bunch and i must say it was an experience like no other!

Today is the day that many of us were humbled by the sheer commitment and discipline that is required to be a Navy Officer / Navy Personnel, it may seem like all fun and games to us but these are the men and women who would give their lives to protect their people and their country.

I for one, have the highest level of respect for the armed forces and utmost gratitude for their willingness and sacrifice. Aptly too is their Motto - "Royal Malaysian Navy - Ready To Sacrifice" or in Bahasa Malaysia "Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia - Sedia Berkorban".

THANK YOU!!! Royal Malaysian Navy and The Navy People for this truly mesmerizing and unforgettable experience. I salute all of you on behalf of our Nation!


If any of you would like to find out more about our Royal Malaysian Navy, you may refer to:

Website :
Facebook : Royal Malaysian Navy
Twitter : @tldm_rasmi
Instagram : @tldm_rasmi
Youtube : Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia

P/S : I am burnt but happy! I won my dream bag in the lucky draw during the Hi-Tea at Wisma Indah KD SAAS during the closing. YAHOOO!!!!

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