Friday, 29 December 2017

KSP Forecasts 200 Thousand Users For The MPay Negaraku Mastercard.

Sometime in November, I talked about the introduction of the MPay Prepaid Mastercard which was a collaboration between Kelab Sahabat Persaudaraan and Managepay Systems Berhad.

Now, a month or so later...

The Collaboration between both parties has reached another milestone in their effort to reduce the burden of the less fortunate in our community.

27th December 2017 - KSP has managed to round up more than 20 Non-Governmental Organizations with a total strength of roughly 12 thousand members to join forces in making Program Sahabat Negaraku a reality.

You may be wondering what this entails right? well it's very simple...

Under the program there are numerous activities that are scheduled to take place, beginning with the MPay Negaraku Mastercard.
The program is also aimed towards a collective goal of uniting NGO's in line with its vision of Negaraku by hosting programs and activities for all communities.

Kelab Sahabat Negaraku and Managepay Systems Berhad have forcasted an initial sum of 200 thousand users for the Mpay Negaraku Mastercard. Kicking of this initiative with the members of the NGO's themselves. The card will be making it's debut in the state of Selangor and Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur respectively with the help of the NGO's in attendance as well leaders from each areas political parties.

What role do the NGO's play as part of the program?

As for the NGO's on the other hand, they actually play a very important role in gaining the the all out support of the ruling party and government to pursue the ultimate goal of receiving the initial funding to offset the sign-up costs of those who take part in the program.

Why is this card so different from any other discount card out there?

The MPay Negaraku Mastercard in itself acts as a form of  digital subsistence that allows it's users to acquire products and services at a discounted / cheaper rate. The card does not limit it's use to jsut products and or services, the card holder will also be empowered the same as all other card holders. You can enjoy online shopping, movies, theme parks and also have the ability to do funds transfer and other such transactions.

What's even more interesting is that MPay will do its best to provide users with monthly promotions on selected items so that we as the consumers are able to leverage even more on savings.

The MPay Negaraku Prepaid Mastercard is due to be launched in early 2018.
Today, KSP and Manage Pay have already accrued quite a number of NGO's to the program.

I for one am looking forward to see this program in action! It's not everyday that you see people taking an initiative to help those in need without thinking about profitability... 

If you would like to find out more pertaining to the MPay Negaraku Prepaid Mastercard Program, you may refer to the following:

Kelab Sahabat Persaudaraan
Pn Farina Abd Razak : 017-3921711
KSP Media Unit: 
Metts Mohd Nor : 019-3660168
Email :

Managepay System Berhad
Ms Tan Cjia Wei : 016-2337678
Email :

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