Thursday, 11 January 2018

A Fun Filled Weekend at Natasya Riverside Resort, Gopeng!

Gopeng is a small township about 20 kilometers south of Ipoh in the state of Perak, Malaysia.
With a mere population of  just over 100,000 people, this township was once bustling with miner's looking to strike it rich during the tin mining era of the 1980's.

Today, all that's left are remnants of it's rich history.

Over the weekend, a couple of my fellow bloggers and I traveled to Gopeng to check out a quite newly established resort nestled amidst lush greenery and fruit orchards.

Natasya Riverside Resort Gopeng was our destination for the weekend and boy let me tell ya! It was a gastronomical weekend indeed!!! (no pun intended).
The resort is only around a 10 minute drive from the Gopeng toll plaza and is easily accessible via normal vehicles.

Natasya Riverside Resort is built in an around fruit orchards, thus giving you the real village feel whilst staying there. Among the favorites for visitors here would most certainly be the KING of all fruits, the GLORIOUS DURIAN!!!!

Durian's are in abundance here and we were surrounded by them literally. Though I am not a huge durian fan, there was something about the smell of these durians that attracted me, I just had to try one ( and about 5 more after that. hahaha).

Whats even more enticing is the fact that these Durians are as fresh as fresh can be! We actually cut them open the moment they fell.... Sweet utter indulgence....
Within the grounds of the resort there were also a bunch of Jack Fruit trees so u can only imagine how much fruits we downed during our 2 Days 1 Night stay here.

Meals here are also catered for you and they are mostly "kampung styled" dishes. Since we arrived close to noon, lunch was served soon after. 
Though there were only a few dishes, but overall the food was spectacular and the setup itself was amazing. Imagine having your own personal dining / loft area in the middle of a fruit orchard. Bliss.....

Dinner on the other hand was a mixture of local cuisine with a little honey barbecued chicken and franks. This however was served at the Lobby / Hall area as we wanted to have a small Karaoke session thereafter.

Natasya Riverside Resort, Gopeng isn't just known for it's food, fruits and great hospitality but also for the numerous activities that you are able to do within their compound as well as the surrounding areas.

I'll be sure to fill you in on all the details in my next post, I wanted this to be just a brief intro into the fun experience that we had at Natasya Riverside Resort. hehehe...

Stay tuned all you nature lovers out there, the next post is  going to be about the amenities, facilities, accommodation and activities that we took part in during our stay...



  1. Ya ampun that last picture.. Feeling terlebih seyy mak cik tu.. hahaha

  2. wowww durian? yummm so delicious

    1. kan... and im not a durian fan.. pun bedal banyak. sedap

  3. Replies
    1. haah...masing - masing tersandar asyik makan jer...

  4. Kampung style and fresh fruits, awesome!

    1. Exactly... Brings back memories of my late grandmothers dusun in malacca.

  5. Seronoknya korang dapat makan durian.

  6. Best tol la makan. Hahaha.. Tambah tbah ada durian.


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