Sunday, 14 January 2018

Natasya Riverside Resort - An Affordable Weekend Getaway!

You may have read about the fun times I had over the weekend with my pals from #KBBA9 at Natasya Riverside Resort in Gopeng, Perak.

What I didn't tell you was what sort of accommodation, facilities and activities you can find there. So this time round it's not going to be about me but more about the resort itself.

Natasya Riverside Resort is situated approximately 20 kilometers from Ipoh and about a t 10 minute drive from the Gopeng toll plaza. The road to the resort is fairly narrow and would be a bit of a hassle for larger vehicles. Nonetheless, it's adequate enough considering that the resort is smack in the middle of fruit orchards.

Entering the resort, the first thing you see is a tree house accompanied by an old Land Rover Defender making it look like a scene from some Indiana Jones movie.

 Be warned though that it also feels like the movie because the sun shines like there's no tomorrow and it is BLAZING HOT during the day. There's no need for sun-block though because like i said, the resort is surrounded by fruit trees hence the natural canopy is abundant.

Natasya Riverside Resort's lobby and common area makes it look rather exclusive and Balinese like with cobble stones, green grass and wooden furniture. The common area is also equipped with a small makeshift stage which can be used as a mini stage for karaoke or even simple business presentations or awards during company team building or family day trips.

The ample ground space within the property is also ideal to have family gatherings and tele-matches. If that isn't enough, rest assured that there are a myriad of other activities that can be arranged for to suit your personal or group needs. All this of course will incur additional charges. (nothing in life is free... hehe...)

Before we get carried away with all the fun activities that Natasya Riverside Resort has to offer, let me first entice you with their somewhat luxurious living spaces.
They currently have two different types of accommodation which are the Cabin styled units as well as the more conventional Chalet type units.

The one that we stayed in was the Chalets and I must say that it was rather spacious considering that housed 4 fully grown adults comfortably. These Chalets come with a small veranda / sitting area, a small lounge / sitting area, an attached shower and other amenities like the standard hot water kettle, Air Conditioning and Television.

In terms of bedding, each chalet is equipped with one Queen Sized Bed and one Double Decker. On the outside, the windows have stained glass panes and the overall structure is built mostly out of wood (including the flooring) which gives it a truly rustic feel.

The prices range from RM 165.00 to RM 280.00 depending on which type of accommodation you choose. The rates here are also quite reasonable and if your visit here is timed correctly, you may also be in for quite a treat.

The treat I mentioned is the ever sought after KING of fruits! The Durian...
Sometime late last year, Natasya Riverside Resort had one such promotion running especially for Durian lover. (p/s: hopefully they do it again this year. hihi.)
They have the Jack Fruit too... nyum..nyum..

What else can I say, Natasya Riverside Resort is definitely the place to relax and unwind with the family or friends. Nothing beats some fresh air, food, fun and family right?!

Soooooo.... To get more information on their facilities and packages, scoot on over to their social media accounts and enquire.

Facebook : Natasya Riverside Resort on Facebook

Instagram : Natasya Riverside Resort on Instagram

Stay tuned for my next entry on my wonderful experience hiking and water rafting at Natasya Riverside Resort...

Cheers folks.


  1. Sekali skala lari dari rutin harian. Best jika dapat berehat ke tempat macam ni.

  2. I came here for the durian!!! Huwaaaaa

  3. Back to nature. Kat kl asyik nampak hutan batu je. Best kalau dpt pg sana

  4. Perghhh bestnya tempat ni, nak pulak pergi masa musim durian.

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