Monday, 7 May 2018

Philips BT3206 (Series 3000) Beard Trimmer, Is It Any Good?

Good Morning Ladies and Gents,
Those of you whom are Beard Lovers have been waiting for this write-up since the day I posted images of the BT3206 Beard Trimmer on my Facebook and Instagram. The latest from Phillips 3000 Series Trimmers and Shavers.

It's been a long time coming but after about two weeks of putting this through its paces, I've finally come to the conclusion that although it is priced more towards the high end of the scale, It's features, usability and durability certainly outweigh the price factor on numerous levels.

Among the features that stand out most are it's Innovative Lift and Trim system which lifts and captures more low-lying hairs with every path, the Zoom Wheel which gives you the flexibility to choose up to 10 length setting from 0.5mm to 10mm and it's insane self sharpening stainless steel blades which allows you to get the same precise results every time.

Marketed as a Beard Trimmer, the Philips BT3206 isn't only capable of trimming but it has also acted as an emergency shaver for me when I had to attend a last minute event and looked like a Persian foot rug. LOL. Though I was not able to get a perfectly clean and smooth shave out of the BT3206, it was definitely better than I had expected.

So, after a good two weeks or so of using the BT3206 I'm going to give you my honest opinion on it and you judge for yourself. Out of the box you get the BT3206 unit with a tiny brush to clean the blades, a power cord for charging, a warranty card and a user manual. Based on my searches online, the UK version also comes with a cute little carry bag.

The BT3206 Beard Trimmer boasts a whopping 60 minute run time on a single charge, however I have been using it once every two days for around 10 minutes each time (Because I'm a descendant of Chewbaca) LOL. So that's already 1 hour and 10 minutes, and I find the battery still has enough juice in it to probably run for another 3 cycles (maybe). To add to that, I haven't charged the BT3206 since the day I received it from Philips Malaysia over two and a half weeks ago. Now that is truly AMAZING.
LOL! Yes this guy. hahaha...
Remember I mentioned one of the features the BT3206 Beard Trimmer boasted about was it ability to self sharpen the blades? Well, believe me it's true. Just about 2 days ago, I accidentally cut my self because the blades are super duper sharp. Painful? YES!  But it just goes to show that what was said isn't just a marketing shenanigan of sorts.

Durability is something that was not mentioned in the brochure however I find the BT3206's build quality to be extremely good. I've dropped it twice already and there isn't a single visible scar nor any loose / rattling parts. (Yeah, I can be a klutz sometimes).

Owww.... Did I mention that the 10 length setting work great!!! Initially I wanted to test out it's ability to be used as an emergency shaver and decided to put it to it's lowest setting. Guess what? Voila!!! Perfectly trimmed beard and almost clean shaved look.

Today, I generally use Philips Beard Trimmer to trim my goatee when it starts going GROOT on me if you know what I mean. Every bearded man knows that no matter how perfect a goatee you have, there will always be the ROGUE ONE. (Ok, so i'm a StarWars fan. Sue me!).

Priced at 175.00 MYR, I feel the price is a bit steep. Nevertheless, if you have the extra bucks then the BT3206 Beard Trimmer by Philips would definitely be a steal. Plus it comes with a 2 YEAR WORLDWIDE WARRANTY! What more could you ask for?
Everything from the build quality right up to the precision and battery life was more than I had expected to be honest. I'm a believer now.

To find out more on the Philips BT3206 Beard Trimmer or other Series 3000 products, you may visit Philips Malaysia's Website.

Till next time. Have a good one folks.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

MEGA BONANZA 2018 Agrofarmstay Melaka kembali lagi!

Agrofarmstay Melaka tahun ini sekali lagi mengadakan Mega Bonanza yang sangat menjimatkan pelanggan mereka. Berita baik untuk yang ingin mengadakan Hari Keluarga, company outing ataupun reunion dengan kawan-kawan boleh grab pakej ni.

Penjimatan bermula dari RM1,000 sehingga RM3,900. Banyak boleh jimat tu. Kurang-kurang pun RM 1,000. WOW hebat penjimatan ni. Nak tahu apa pakej yang ditawarkan sempena Mega Bonanza ni? Sambung baca entri Abam.

Tawaran kali ini adalah untuk pakej hari keluarga. Konsep pakej kali ni, tempah dulu dan tarikh family day tu boleh ditetapkan kemudian hari. Kalau belum ada tarikh lagi bila nak buat family day tu, takde masalah pun bila dah siap booking tempat.

Pihak Agrofarmstay tahu nak organize family day ni bukan senang. Nak dapatkan persetujuan semua ahli keluarga pun kadang memakan masa. Jadi dengan adanyabpromosi terhad ni, bolehlah buat tempahan dulu dan bagitahu tarikh family day kemudian. Korang boleh pilih tarikh dari sekarang sehingga tahun depan 31 Mei 2019. Banyak lagi masa nak plan family day korang tu. Sekarang ni alasan susah nak organize family day tu bukan lagi alasan.

Promosi ini bermula dari 25 April 2018 sehingga 13 Mei 2018 je tau, so apa tu tunggu lagi, booking dulu  pastu tarikh family day atau event bagitahu kemudian. Haaa, 3 kali dah Abam ulang ni tau. Tempah dulu, bayar kemudian! Hahaaha.

Kandungan Pakej Mega Bonanza 2018.

Pakej ini menawarkan penginapan 2 hari 1 malam untuk 20 orang. Kalau lebih dari 20 orang, boleh tambah bayaran mengikut pax selebihnya. 

Makanan yang disediakan sepanjang tempoh korang menginap ni pulak terdiri daripada sarapan pagi, makan tengahari dan makan malam dengan BBQ. Pihak Agrofarmstay juga menyediakan sebanyak 5 game sukaneka bersama jurulatih. 

Mana yang kaki karaoke boleh cuba berkaraoke disini. Bagi yang lebih suka aktiviti air pulak boleh buat aktiviti berkayak atau memancing, korang cuma perlu bawa joran sendiri je.

Selain tu, kat sini ada pelbagai jenis haiwan seperti ayam, arnab, burung, kambing dan kuda. Korang pun boleh bagi makan kat haiwan-haiwan yang ada kat Agrofarmstay tu. Bagi yang bawa kanak-kanak, pihak Agrofarmstay juga mengadakan pertandingan mewarna. Bolehlah tengok bakat yang mereka ada masa pertandingan ni nanti. Hamper untuk sukaneka dan peraduan mewarna pun turut disediakan. Akhir sekali Agrofarmstay akan menyediakan banner family day dengan nama family masing-masing. Wah! Banyak betul aktiviti kat sana.

Harga yang di tawarkan.

Harga asal tanpa promosi untuk 20 pax ialah RM3,780 (RM189 per pax).

Harga promosi pakej 2 hari 1 malam utk 20 pax ialah RM2,780. 

Tapi untuk promosi terhad Mega Bonanza ni, harga jatuh dalam RM139 per pax je. 

Bagi tambahan yang melebihi 20 pax, dewasa RM139 dan kanak-kanak RM99 sahaja. Maximum 78 pax. 

Murah sangat dah ni. Dijamin berbaloi. Untuk tempahan, sila layari laman web Agroframstay di:

Whatsapp / SMS / Call : 012-211 8246 / 016-209 8623 / 012-202 5647
Office: 06-232 2761

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